#12 Gain Clarity on Your Living Situation

Gain clarity on the type of living situation that you would like to be living in. Watch the video below and play with energy during your point of focus.

 Work your way down the page one step at a time
Don't skip anything. You've got this!



Where will you live?

  • country/state/suburb
  • location of beach, suburbs, mountains etc

What will you live in?

  • house
  • caravan
  • tiny home
  • shipping container
  • yurt
  • mansion
  • ship
  • flat-pack home
  • apartment
  • van or double decker bus
  • tent
  • cruise ship
  • rental unit

Get an A4 paper and make a mini vision board of the place that you are going to live in next. Add all the positive information that you can about this new living arrangement, and begin directing your thought toward it today!

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