#8 What job study or career path will benefit you? 

Watch the video below to learn a special technique to help you decipher which type of job/study/career path will be of benefit to you for your future

 Work your way down the page one step at a time
Don't skip anything. You've got this!


Step 1


Step 2

Step 3


Here's a free tool that will help as well. It's the Abundance Miracle Tone. It goes for 20 minutes and I play it at least once, every time I log into my laptop to do some work. So relaxing. It's free on this link.

Next week I'll show you what I use to become motivated around a new job or study path which adds even more energy toward the manifestation of it. Until then, action some of the next steps as described in the video above. 

Take a minute to click and read "How To Trigger Your Brain For Success Before You Get Out Of Bed" 

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