Will You Stick Around?

You've been receiving emails with tips to use and things to do for 10 weeks now.  Here's what you've been given. (I wonder how many you have used)

  • Energy Gifts including a free chakra course when you first signed up
  • Mind your thoughts - techniques to use
  • Distant Reiki for root chakra energies - follow along video
  • Align with your crystals - how to
  • Just for today I will not anger - technique to move energy through you
  • Root chakra crystals - what you can use
  • Calm mind for messages - how to
  • The Comfort Zone - what it looks like using Reiki (as shown to me by my spirit team)
  • Calling your spirit team - how to
  • Meeting your spirit team - guided video journey

That's a lot of energy work right there. Please let me know how I'm doing and what you think so far . . .  

What have you enjoyed so far?


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