Meeting Your Spirit Team

If you're getting into self healing with energy, I hope you have been practicing "The Calling"  from last weeks email. 

Follow along with the video below as I take you through a process of not only calling your guides to you for help with energy healing work, but also to have a go at FEELING the energy of different members of your Spirit Team as you meet them. 

If you are attuned to reiki and have been using it for quite some time now, you have probably come up with your own "Calling" and have built up a relationship with your own team already which is great!

If you're new to using Reiki or simply working with energy for healing in general, I hope you find this helpful.

Come back to this video as many times as you like to practise feeling the energies of your team. The more you hook up with their energy, the more you could begin to feel who your team is made up of as you work with them during energy healing or Reiki sessions.

Follow along with the video and then please let us know in the comments on this link what happened for you during this spirit team connection . . . ❤


How did this process go for you? Click here and let us know :)


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