Mind Your Thoughts

Our mind is the place that creates everything! Every hardship, every ease, every thing! So let us start with our mind.  During this email journey, I hope you'll have a go at everything that comes through, and take what resonates with you. 

The mind however, is the place that starts off everything. Have you noticed that the ones who talk mostly of how easy life is, actually HAVE an easy life?  And the same goes for the opposite. The ones that talk about how hard life is, usually have a hard life.

Think about this for a moment.  Be raw and honest with yourself. 

This is all because of the power of the mind.  Our mind and our belief systems are the things that create the ENERGIES of an easy life and of a hard life.  When we start to change the patterns of our thoughts and teach our mind how to work in a different way, OUR ENTIRE LIFE BEGINS TO CHANGE simply because we are thinking and feeling into new energies. New ways of looking at life slowly become our new reality.  

I invite you to start a new practice today, and use it every day (in every moment) until you hear from me again next week.

Become aware of your negative thoughts and say the word DELETE as soon as you have one. When you're doing this, you're telling your mind that we don't think like this  anymore so DELETE.  Be gentle with your mind. Simply DELETE any negative thought that you have to help rewire the neural pathways of the brain.  


Here's a playlist of videos that can help you to innerstand this more. 



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