Life In Balance (Positive Mind) 

This workshop is not currently available. With consciousness expanding at a rapid pace, this workshop is temporarily on hold for now.

This class is for people that feel like they are stuck in a loop of negative thought patterns and just can't seem to  get out! We use effectivestrategies to be able to easily move from negative to positive within your mind and your life! You'll learn how to set all of these up in your home for maximum daily  results!

Duration: 3 hours         Cost: $xx

On the day we will be covering: 

1. Being aware of feelings to discern negative thoughts
2. How to be calm in the chaos
3. Body language and conscious conversations
4. Body and home pinpoint focus sessions
5. Don't get caught up in other peoples rubbish
6. Using affirmations and the Daily Pep Talk
7. How to stop negative thought in its tracks


Thoughts are energy based so when you're thinking a negative thought, it is sending out a negative vibrational frequency that matches up with negative outcomes. On the other hand, a positive thought sends out a positive vibrational frequency . . . and so on.

During this workshop you will learn how to easily be able to finally change any negative ways of thinking and replace them with positivity. 

You'll come to understand the energy of all of your thoughts and realise why your life is exactly the way it is!

This workshop allows you to delve more into your own mind. This is a very personal space that not many take the time to understand and yet, it is this same space that is the creation centre for ALL that we have, and don't have. 

The price for this workshop is $xx and this includes visualisation exercises, mindset training, course material and trigger notes, and tea or coffee. You simply need to bring your own pen. A minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 8 people per class. 

Teens (13+) are welcome to join any positive mindset classes on the calendar as long as they have their parent/guardian participating in the class as well. Cost is the same for each person.

The course is being held in my Healing Home in Gowrie Junction. Places are limited so prepayment is required.

To enquire about this workshop please contact me - Kelly - by clicking here 

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Life In Balance Workshop




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