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Power 7 : Growth Process

Energy moves through us, around us and within us with every breath and step we take. Conscious use of energy causes the potential for massive transformational growth because when you think about it, energy is all that is.

When people begin working with energy on purpose, they begin to realise that the only limitations they have in life, are the ones they put on themselves. 



For many, it's only natural that crystals are one of the main things that will begin communication with you when you begin working with energy for healing.

Crystals hold their own energetic vibrational energy and for many of my students, being able to receive communication from crystals whilst working with chakra energy healing is just part of the natural growth process. 



Everything is energetic in vibration regardless of if you are here in physical form, or there in spirit. When you work with energy for healing, you are raising your vibration. On the other hand, your spirit team lowers their high vibrational energy so they can meet half way to pass on messages or guidance that could be of help for you and whoever you might be working on. This is why energy workers or psychics are called "mediums" - because they meet spirit in the middle to get information to pass on. We all can do this and when you begin working with energy on purpose, you access the potential for this incredible natural growth process  to occur.


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