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Of course you remain connected when you are healing a client via Source - but when it comes to sad and "poor them" emotions, detach! Be the Observer of what your client is going through - not the absorber! 

When doing energy healing, we will refer to the person you will be working on as "your client". Even though this could be a family member, work colleague or close friend or neighbour, we will still use the term "client" for now.

It is important that you remain detached from your client whilst healing. In other words, if you begin to "feel" their pain, don't get all "caught up in it" Be the Observer of what your client is going though. Not the Absorber!

I had my husband on the table once and as I was giving him an energy healing, I felt his pain. I remember thinking to myself "Oh babe, I feel so sorry for you" .............. ...... and then as I realised my thought, I immediately took my hands off him, stepped back from the table and his energy field, and I took a minute to clear my mind and re-centre myself. I realised that I was becoming "attached" to my husband emotionally and I was "feeding" him the sorry thoughts that I was having for him.

Remember from the first lesson in the course - thoughts are energy and energy flows where attention goes! If you feel yourself becoming attached to your client, step back immediately!!!! Your client is on the table for a healing. They are not on the table to absorb your baggage! Your thoughts! Your energies! Remain "detached" from your client.

After I had re-centered myself and "cancelled" those unhelpful thoughts I was having about my husband, I put my hands on him again... only this time, he was not my husband... he was my client - he was a client that was with me for help to balance the energetic centres in his body. And so it was done. I was detached.

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