Reiki Energy Attunement Classes

Understand How To Heal Physical Pain, Calm Emotions and Expand Spiritual Awareness




1st Degree Reiki Attunement  For Teenagers 

  • Learn a special technique to help you decipher which type of job/study/career path will be of benefit to you for your future
  • Become motivated to enhance your job or career path
  • Understand the value that you have put on yourself and your self worth
  • Ease lower back and lower body blocks that can cause aches and pains anywhere from the hips down to the toes
  • Gain clarity on the type of living situations that you would like to be living in
  • Lift your vibrational energy around money so that you can align yourself WITH it, therefore attract more of it into your experience
  • Learn how to feel good about money and allow it into your life


1st Degree Reiki Attunement For Adults 

  • Stop being put down by family, friends and work colleagues
  • Let go of worry and carrying around other peoples "baggage"
  • Change the way you look at specific people in your life to ease stress within yourself
  • Easily remove any negative energy that you could pick up from others on a daily basis
  • Ease pain in the lower abdomen and mid-lower back area
  • Have healthier and happier relationships at work, home and school
  • No longer allow yourself to be intimidated and used by other people regardless of if they be family or not


2nd Degree Reiki Attunement

  • Learn how to remove feelings of powerlessness and frustration from their life
  • Step into a stronger and more confident role within yourself
  • Build yourself up easily every day as you slowly learn how to calmly stand up for yourself
  • Ease anxiety attacks
  • Stop negative self talk and self sabotage and stop putting yourself down
  • Reduce pain in the stomach and middle back area and ease the symptoms of reflux and indigestion
  • Not feel guilty about taking the time you need for yourself and your own personal growth


Reiki Master Attunement

  • Be able to respect and love yourself more easily
  • Look at certain people and circumstances from a softer more positive loving point of view
  • Ease any pain in the chest, heart and middle back area and reduce depressive symptoms
  • Take time to work with nature and the power of gratitude
  • Understand how being at peace in your "Now" moment can shift worry and heaviness from the heart
  • Learn how to forgive past hurts and take steps to be able to see the bigger picture
  • See the good in everyone and everything
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