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Have you been after a positive change routine that sticks? 
Check this out . . . 

Almost Instant  Benefits Include:

  • The ability to focus more and mind chatter less
  • Gentle exercise gets you moving to improve muscle strength, balance and flexibility, lessening osteoarthritic pain
  • Improves cognitive function and COPD symptoms, cardiovascular fitness and symptoms of fibromyalgia 
  • Get a better quality of sleep
  • Reduce risk of falls and reduce depression and anxiety
  • Calm entire energy field and connect with spirit team to enhance intuition and the bodys natural ability to self heal
  • Release tension and stress from mind and body as you bring firmness and tone to skin with self massage
  • Expand positive mindset to fulfil your desires with ease


Many of our students have reported great results after only 2 classes

"People at work asked me what I have been doing as everything about me is changing for the better" - J

"I'm more aware of the way I walk now and I can move properly which has actually gotten rid of some of my hip pain" - M

"I find that I am a lot calmer around my teenage children. I can breathe and respond instead of  jump in and react." A


You will learn a complete set of Tai Chi moves that was designed by Dr Paul Lam, the founder of Tai Chi For Health Institute. The set consists of easy flow gentle steps with feet, hands, mind and energy. A class for beginners. No experience required. Tai Chi runs for the first 45 minutes of the class. If you'd prefer just to do tai chi only, this cost is $15 pay as you go. 



Unwind and feed your spirit as you are guided through a deep relaxation meditation. These meditations are written by myself and they contain guided healing aspects for your body, mind and spirit to take on through the meditation process. 



Be shown how to perform a hand massage or a facial massage on yourself as you follow along with me and refer to the charts that will be provided. You'll know what each massage move means and how it will be of benefit to you. Each week will alternate between hands and facial. You'll need to bring your own  moisturising cream for this.



You'll be guided through a full body chakra balance for yourself. This includes connecting with your Spirit Team and clearing and balancing each of your 7 main chakras.  On the alternate week you'll receive energy healing from a class mate and give a healing back to that class mate. I'll show you exactly how to perform this energy healing technique.



From vision boards to journaling and affirmations to mindset tweaks. Take on new techniques each week to empower yourself as you thrive in your positive mindset. You'll need to bring your own large blank journal for the mindset processes. A large exercise book will do fine :)

"I can't believe how much this has added to my life, I mean, my health is improving but my relationships are too! And it's only been 3 weeks. I'll keep coming back for more" - C


Days and  Times

The Refuel Body, Mind and Spirit Sessions are available 5 days a week from Monday to Friday at 3 different time slots.

Early Birds  6am - 8am  (suitable before work) *Small groupson request

Mid Morning   10am - 12pm  (great for people with kids at school)

Sun Setters  6pm - 8pm  (perfect for after work) 



Best Option

Pay for 4 sessions up front for $120 and have one session each week for 4 consecutive weeks. 
That comes to $30 per session :) #BestPrice

Pay As You Go

Pay $35 for each 2 hour class. Pay as you go.


Pay $15 for each Tai Chi class only. Pay as you go. 

You'll save up to $50 each time because usual prices would be

Tai Chi  $15
Meditation $10
Pampering $15
Healing $20
Mindset $20



What To Bring

  • Shoes for Tai Chi (easy to remove)
  • Water bottle
  • Moisturising cream for pampering of your face / hands
  • Large Exercise book for journalling / manifesting / visions / affirmations / gratitude / empowerment notes ect
  • Pen


None really.

No experience is required to be able to do Tai chi, energy healing, meditation, self-pampering or mindset techniques. It's all shown to you during the session. Simply follow along with my instruction.

A Minimum of 2 people for class to go ahead.
A maximum of 5 people due to space.

This is held in my home at Gowrie Junction. Bookings are essential. Weekly sessions will get you best results!


These classes are for people that want to make time for themselves. They realise the importance of self-time and self-careand are ready to take on the role of fulfilling this desire.

These classes are NOT for people that are after a one hit wonder or some magic pill that will make everything better.  

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All sessions are held in Gowrie Junction which is 12 klms from Toowoomba CBD.
Two person minimum per class.


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Tai Chi originated from ancient China, Nowadays it is practised throughout the world as an exercise for better health. Many scientific studies have been proven that it is amazingly beneficial for health.

Tai Chi Health Benefits: 

  • Is suitable for almost anyone
  • Relieves pain and improves quality of life for people with arthritis and medical conditions
  • Improves muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, balance and posture
  • Relieves stress, improves concentration and relaxation
  • Integrates body and mind



Fully guided meditation classes for mindfulness, stress/tension release and relaxation.

Meditation is like pressing a pause button to stop the chaos of the world for a little while. 

These sessions provide a relaxing opportunity to experience some of the easier ways of calming your mind, enhancing your wellbeing and getting present within yourself. 


Make a new habit. One that will help bring complete harmony and balance into your life today!

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