Bunya Mountains Refuel Body Mind Spirit Retreat
What To Bring & Where To Go 


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Where To Go & How To Get There

The main house where we will be holding the retreat is at "Toolburra". This house is near Poppies Cafe and it's number 3 on the accommodation map below. 

Car parking is on the grass area above the house. If you are not sure where to go when you get there, simply pull into the accommodation centre office and let them know you're here for the Retreat at Toolburra, and the lovely team will point you in the direction of where to park. 

For a more detailed description of how to get to the Bunya Mountains please CLICK HERE 



Essentials For Everyone To Bring 

  • Camp chair to sit on for outdoor Tai Chi and meditations
  • Comfortable shoes to do Tai Chi and gloves to keep your fingertips warm (Many of us bought gloves at the general store one year as it was freezing )
  • Bug spray if mozzies love you
  • Journal or exercise book to write in for journaling time
  • Gratitude journal if you already have or they will be available to purchase at the retreat from $10 (cash sales)
  • You can bring a yoga mat or towel to lie on outside for meditations but I recommend using a camp chair to sit on simply because of grass ticks
  • If you usually meditate with a crystal or something else, you're welcome to bring it along with you
  • Glasses if you need them for writing or reading
  • Walking shoes and water bottle if you want to go for a bush walk in your spare time
  • Warm clothes and socks or slippers as we will not be wearing shoes inside. Bunya is 7-10 degrees cooler than most places
  • Warm clothes for dinner at the restaurant and a torch if you think you'll need one. It's a 3 minute walk. 
  • Toiletries, towel, your own soap etc
  • Breakfasts lunches, dinners and snacks. Feel free to use the microwave and fridge.  
  • Single bed sheets and pillow case if you are staying in the dorm at Toolburra
  • Pen to take notes with 
  • Water bottle for each day
  • Open mind with excitement


Extra Information For Everyone

  • Tea, coffee and milk are provided daily. There is food available on the mountain at Poppys cafe and the general store.
  • Please do not bring any alcohol. This helps to have a clearer energy field for the duration of the retreat.
  • Some people have friends and loved ones staying in other accommodations and some are staying on for a few days more. Here are things to explore if your friends are looking for things to do while you are retreating with us. And here are some walking tracks. 
  • Please note that we will be using hand sanitiser or washing hands before handling crystals. If you prefer to bring your own hand sanitiser, please feel free to  do  so.
  • Mobile reception quality is poor at Toolburra. However, there is a spot in the parking area outside that can usually pick up a clear connection if needed.

Please Note :

  • Please do not arrive at Toolburra before 3pm as I spend this time alone to clear energies of the house and get set up with everything.
  • Check in time is 3pm 
  • If you are staying at other accommodations, please arrive at Toolburra at 3.30pm for introductions, opening circle and journaling
  • Check out time is by 10am on the Sunday
  • The full itinerary can be viewed on this link  
  • If you have any further questions simply reply to the email I sent you :) See you soon 


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