Thursday 1st August - Sunday 4th  August 2024
Bunya Mountains, QLD, Australia

Ladies, if you feel that you're being guided toward learning Reiki, now is the time to book your spot. Our retreat will focus on working with the energies of Reiki for the healing of self and others.

With the Reiki attunements, we simply become an open and clear channel for Reiki to flow through us (not from us) so that Reiki can provide healing for a persons highest will and good.

Combined with the energy of the Bunya Mountains, this really is a magical energy retreat where you will come to know deeper parts of yourself through the Reiki process 

Full training is provided including distant Reiki and Reiki for pets, children, babies in utero, situations unfolding on the planet and even circumstances that we may be individually faced with in life.

When we're attuned to Reiki, we can work with this higher intelligence that knows the bigger picture of our life. You will learn how to allow Reiki to move through you so it can provide you with clearing, heightened intuition and more ease within your human experience 

This training is just the beginning. After the retreat, you will have access to our private groups so you can keep in touch with myself and like-minded others as Reiki will continue to grow you the more you use it. It is a life tool for so many situations

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Women's Reiki Training Retreat Itinerary

 Thursday - Day 1

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3pm  Check into Silky Oaks  This is our retreat accommodation for the next 3 nights.  After we've settled in and introduced ourselves to our small tribe for the days ahead, we'll begin with 1st degree Reiki attunements so you can actually begin integrating the energy straight away. 

You'll choose crystals that will become part of your healing team to work with during the retreat, and to take home with you as a gift for your beautiful journey ahead. 

Friday - Day 2 

Usui Reiki 1st Degree Training Day. 

This is a class for the absolute newbie to Reiki and is for everyone interested in learning how to work with Reiki Healing Energy. You need no special knowledge or ability to start because you will receive all necessary information and training during the course.

In this massive day of training you will learn about the history of Reiki, the basics of auras and chakras and the importance of intuition and meditation for a calm mind to receive messages from your Reiki Guides. 

You will connect with the energy of Reiki and be guided through self healing hand positions for a self reiki treatment. You'll also learn how to work with crystals for chakra based healing and you give Reiki sessions to others and receive a treatment from our retreat tribe during training too. 

You'll discover Reiki for pets and wildlife.  Reiki for children and babies in utero and the importance of remaining emotionally detached while giving Reiki to loved ones. You'll learn how you can apply Reiki for other things in life and for around the home.

Be able to clear your energy after giving treatments to others, master your emotions and bring an understanding to energetic meanings for specific parts of the body. For example, if you or the person you are working on, are experiencing pains at the right shoulder, this could be due to burdens and responsibilities carried for the family, business, world and others. 

You will receive your attunements to Reiki 1st Degree along with your Certification and lineage which is your Reiki family tree right back to Dr Mikao Usui himself. After this you will be able to give Reiki to yourself, family, friends, work colleagues, pets, food, drink, plants and the planet whenever you like. You'll also be able to attend our Healing Gathering events near Toowoomba to continue practicing your new skillset over the months and years ahead.

Saturday - Day 3

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Usui Reiki 2nd Degree Training day.  We'll break up the day with some training in the morning and then head to the cafe for lunch. After that, take a nice stroll to the strangler fig to spend some time in nature with the beautiful energies of the mountains. And then head back to the house to continue our training.

The Reiki 2 Course takes your Reiki development deeper and further. You'll learn how to give a distant Reiki beaming session to a situation or event that could be unfolding on the planet at that time. Three powerful Reiki symbols will also be revealed to you. These symbols will amplify your Reiki treatments exponentially! The Reiki Two symbols are used for protection, mental/emotional healing and distance treatments and when applied, they will take your session to a whole other level.

You'll learn methods for healing unwanted habits, using symbols for protection and using surrogates for distant healing.  You will learn how to beam Reiki over distance to a person, to a group, to a pet, to a situation, to a country, planet, trees, plants, to a future event, to a past event including past traumas / Reiki Rebirth,  to a person in a coma or in transition to death and to a passed over loved ones.

The Hermetic Law of Correspondence will also be explained where you can send Reiki to large amounts of people at one time. Uncover even more uses for symbols such as empowering goals, amplifying vision boards, use symbols for auras, for clearing crystals and other objects, food and water cleanse, clearing energies in a room, for pets and wildlife, locating lost objects and symbols for things big and small.

We will work with energies to empower your Reiki practice, law of attraction, addressing your own imbalances, using Reiki with other modalities, focus for self-healing and so much more! 

PLAY with medicine drum, koshi chimes, rainstick, seed pod shakers, gourd shakers, maracca, Maori stick and feather for sound therapy as you give and receive treatments to and from our retreat fam. You will also receive your attunement to Reiki 2nd degree along with your certificate and lineage. 

Sunday - Day 4 -Check Out Day

7.00am - Final set of Energy Openers and last lot of Reiki practice as we integrate "chair reiki".

Closing circle of this retreat. Clean up. Pack up. Check out by 10am. Have an easy and safe trip home. 

End of itinerary. Thank you.

Reiki Training Retreat Includes 

Included at the retreat is:

  • 3 nights accommodation
  • A set of crystals with crystal pouches
  • A 45 page Reiki 1st Degree Training Manual
  • A 43 page Reiki 2nd Degree Training Manual
  • 1st and 2nd Degree Usui Reiki Attunements
  • 1st and 2nd Degree Certificates with lineage on reverse
  • Energy openers practice daily
  • Tea, coffee, milk, sugar daily

Included for when you return home is:

  • Access to 27 guided healing journeys online
  • Private Facebook group for Reiki students
  • Healing Gathering invitations bi-monthly to continue practicing your Reiki healings in a supportive, compassionate and  encouraging environment
  • Private Facebook groups for Reiki 1st and 2nd degree online refresher courses. These are great to refer back to anytime to help integrate the reiki training information and techniques that you would have learned during our retreat. 
  • 10 minute guided breathwork Audio

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The Bunya Mountains are located in Queensland between Dalby and Kingaroy, approximately 90 minutes from Toowoomba, 3 hours from the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, and 4 hours from the Gold Coast. The closest airport is located at Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport.

About Food

Food is not provided. We usually bring our own pre-cooked food and heat it when time comes to eat. However, you are welcome to use the oven and stove top to cook meals too. We have a full kitchen with fridge and microwave. Poppies Cafe and the  general store is available for dine in and takeaway. 



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