Reiki Refresher 1st Degree Training Online Course

This Usui Reiki Refresher 1st Degree training course  can be accessed worldwide online. The course is in english. 

I am Kelly Flack and have been teaching Usui reiki in person since 2014.

In 2018 I built my training courses into an online format and in 2023 I  added reiki refresher courses.

Please watch the video to see what is in the reiki refresher 1st degree  online  training course.  Keep in mind that this is a REFRESHER course. By going through the course DOES NOT mean you will be attuned with reiki energies. If you're after attunements and more please click here.


This Reiki Refresher 1st degree  Online Training Course
is NOT for people that are after

  • Attunements to 1st degree Usui reiki
  • Certification to Usui reiki 1st degree
  • Lineage direct to Dr Mikao Usui
  • Printable work manuals
  • Healing Gathering events

If you are after these please visit this link instead


This Reiki Refresher Online Training Course
IS For People That

  • Have already been attuned to Usui Reiki 1st degree
  • Have already gone through 1st degree reiki training with a Reiki Master
  • Are after a refresher reiki course for 1st degree Usui reiki
  • Want to refresh and add to their skill set
  • Would like to gain another perspective of Usui 1st degree reiki from another master (Kelly Flack)


Included in The Reiki Refresher 1st Degree Course 

Usui Reiki Refresher for 1st Degree training. This is a refresher course only and does NOT include attunements or certification.

During this Usui reiki refresher  1st degree course  you will be taken through :

⭐️ Guide 1 : Introduction to this course and to Reiki
⭐️ Guide 2 : History of Reiki
⭐️ Guide 3 : Reiki Principles and Namaste
⭐️ Guide 4 : Chakras and Auras
⭐️ Guide 5 : Intuition and Meditation
⭐️ Guide 6 : Connect with Your Spirit Team. "The Calling" and meeting your individual Team members
⭐️ Guide 7 : Self Healing hand positions and a guided self treatment
⭐️ Guide 8 : Reiki For Pets and Wildlife
⭐️ Guide 9 : Reiki For Children. The importance of remaining emotionally detached while giving Reiki to loved ones
⭐️ Guide 10 : Reiki For Other Things and how to apply them
⭐️ Guide 11 : Preparing to Give a Reiki Treatment. Includes Checklist.
⭐️ Guide 12 : Treating Others Hand Positions. Becoming aware of energies. Cutting energy cords after session.
⭐️ Guide 13 : Four Ways To Clear Yourself After Giving Healing To Another
⭐️ Guide 14 : Guided Reiki Meditation Journeys
⭐️ Guide 15 : Special Offers. Thank you for being here


How Much Would You Like To Pay?

It doesn't matter which price you choose, you'll still get the exact same course. The Reiki Refresher Course is being offered this way so it can be available to all that would like to refresh their reiki skill set.  Pay what you're drawn to  from the buttons below. 

We're at a pinnacle point in this great shift of energy all over our planet so the more tools I can get out to Reiki practitioners, the more knowledge  they can apply to  their own lives and within their own  healing modalities. 

When you make payment, you will receive an email with a link in it. Follow the link which will lead you to details to be able to access the Reiki Refresher 1st degree Online Training Course. Enjoy! I'll see you on the inside. If you need help accessing your course you can contact me here or send a message to me via my Facebook Business Page



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