Reiki Refresher 2nd Degree Training Online Course

This Usui Reiki Refresher 2nd Degree training course  can be accessed worldwide online. The course is in english. New content is being added to the course every Thursday. It's a great way to follow along slowly and practice a little each week. 

A 2nd degree video will be added here when all course content has been added. For now, this is the  1st degree video.

I am Kelly Flack and have been teaching Usui reiki in person since 2014.

In 2018 I built my training courses into an online format and in 2023 I  added reiki refresher courses.

Please watch the video to see what is in the reiki refresher 1st degree  online  training course.  Keep in mind that this is a REFRESHER course. By going through the course DOES NOT mean you will be attuned with reiki energies. If you're after attunements and more please click here.


This Reiki Refresher 2nd degree  Online Training Course
is NOT for people that are after

  • Attunements to 2nd degree Usui reiki
  • Certification to Usui reiki 2nd degree
  • Lineage direct to Dr Mikao Usui
  • Printable work manuals
  • Healing Gathering events

If you are after these please visit this link instead


This Reiki Refresher Online Training Course
IS For People That

  • Have already been attuned to Usui Reiki 2nd degree
  • Have already gone through 2nd degree reiki training with a Reiki Master
  • Are after a refresher reiki course for 2nd degree Usui reiki
  • Want to refresh and add to their skill set
  • Would like to gain another perspective of Usui 2nd degree reiki from another master (Kelly Flack)


Included in The Reiki Refresher 2nd Degree Course 

Usui Reiki Refresher for 2nd Degree training. This is a refresher course only and does NOT include attunements or certification.

When all content has been added, during this Usui reiki refresher  2nd degree course  you will be taken through :

Lesson 1 : 2nd Degree Introduction

Lesson 2 : Using 2nd Degree Reiki Symbols
                 : Activating Reiki Symbols
Lesson 3 : Using and drawing the power symbol - Cho Ku Rei
Lesson 4 : Using and Drawing the mental/emotional symbol - Sei Hei Ki
                 : Healing unwanted habits
                 : Symbols for protection 

Lesson 5 : Using and drawing the distant healing symbol - Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen
                 : Using surrogates for distance healing
                 : Symbol cheat sheet
                 : Practise a beaming session

Lesson 6 : Beaming Reiki Over Distance
                 : Distance Reiki to a person 
                 : Distance Reiki to a group
                 : Distance Reiki to a pet 
                 : Distance Reiki to a situation 
                 : Distance Reiki to a country, planet, trees, plants
                 : Distance Reiki to a future event
                 : Distance Reiki to a past event including past traumas / Reiki Rebirth
                 : Distance Reiki to a person in a coma or in transition to death
                 : Distance Reiki to a passed over loved one

Lesson 7 : The Hermetic Law of Correspondence

Lesson 8 : Additional symbol uses
                 : Empowering goals
                 : Amplifying vision boards
                 : Symbols for auras
                 : Clearing crystals and other objects
                 : Food and water cleanse
                 : Rooms
                 : Pets and wildlife
                 : Locating lost objects
                 : Symbols for things big and small

Lesson 9 : Your Reiki Practise
                 : Empower your Reiki practise
                 : Law of attraction
                 : Addressing your own imbalances
                 : Using Reiki with other modalities
                 : Focus for self-healing
                 : When a client does not feel Reiki
                 : Using Reiki with animals
                 : After a session
                 : Choosing a Reiki association


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