Relationship Relief

Easy  Ways to Clear Blocks With People & Regain Happier Relationships

Learn my simple techniques to clear difficult energy with others and
restore happiness into your relationships
 Just $19!

What you'll learn inside relationship relief:


How to stop negative thoughts in their tracks

How to work with crystals for sacral chakra healing

Working with Childhood Energies

Meditation : Caring for your inner child

Attracting a compatible partner

How to observe heavy energy from others before deciding your next move

Release stuck feelings and emotions from sacral

Unleash your creative genius

Meditation : Letting go and Allowing in

Change the way you look at specific people in your life

You can't change people but you can do this

Meditation : Direct with love

Easily remove any negative energy that you could pick up from others on a daily basis

Ease pain in the lower abdomen and mid-lower back with a follow along distant reiki healing session

Easy Colour therapy

Have healthier and happier relationships at work, home and school

Meditation : Radiating love energy to family and friends

No longer allow yourself to be intimidated and used by other people regardless of if they are family or not

Meditation : Reiki for relationships

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Unhappy relationships can be created by old habitual ways that keep people trapped. 

I know that some relationships can feel frustrating, and exhausting and no matter how hard you try, it can feel like nothing will ever change. This can bring up so many emotions and doubt within ourselves. Some relationship issues can consistently play on a loop and consume every corner of your mind.

Relationship Relief will help you overcome the stresses of other people.

You'll be able to easily switch your perspective and be calm in any situation which in turn, will have the people around you begin to change when you use the techniques regularly.
Change you. Change your world. Absolutely!

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If you're in Australia, you can also buy the physical Crystal Care Pack which complements this course. Posted Australia wide. 


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