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Where To Go & How To Get There

We'll meet at the Big Hand at 3pm  which is between B. and C. on the map below.

The main house where we will be holding the retreat is at "Arcadia Heights". This is in a locked gate estate so we will need to all drive in together to #75 on the map below.

For a more detailed description of how to get to the Bunya Mountains please CLICK HERE 



Essentials For Everyone To Bring 

  • Warm clothes and socks as we will not be wearing rubber soled shoes during our work with energy. Bunya is 7-10 degrees cooler than most places. However, somedays it's been hot too so it's anyones guess. 
  • Toiletries, towel, your own soap etc
  • Bug spray for body (eg: Rid, Aeroguard)
  • Hat for horse cart ride (if you're a hat person)
  • Breakfast lunch and dinners. Feel free to use the microwave and fridge.  See extra notes below about food.
  • Bed sheets and pillow cases for which ever sized bed you have been allocated.
  • Pen to take notes with 
  • Highlighters if you'd like to highlight information as we read through the manuals
  • Colouring pencils / pens for creative time 
  • A ruler will be needed to draw columns for your manifesting money segment on the first night
  • Journal to write in for journalling
  • One picture of you as a baby or younger person (this is to do energy work on)
  • Exercise book or note book to take notes
  • Open mind with excitement
  • Sense of humour

I'm not sure how much room is in the fridge or freezer. There will be 9 of us so please keep it as compact as possible. The picture is of the food I will be bringing for my meals.  That will cover my dinners and a few lunches. 😊 I'll most likely have cereal and fruit for breakfast. 

Also keep in mind that on the Saturday we'll be having the horse and cart ride so you might like to eat lunch at Poppies cafe.  You can view their menu from this link.

On the Sunday we'll be having dinner at the local restaurant. I have a table booked for the 9 of us at 6pm.  You can view their menu from this link. 

To save space, I will provide tea, coffee, trim milk, skim milk, full cream milk, white sugar, raw sugar, salt, pepper, tomato sauce, a 1Kg butter (Beautifully Butterfully from Aldi) so no need to bring those things unless you have different tastes or needs. 


What To Bring For Your Reiki  Degree Training

1st Degree Training : 

  • Walking shoes to get to a Bunya Pine just outside for tree connections. Shoes will be needed for tai chi as well. I prefer to wear no shoes but due to the wallabys, the Bunya grasses sometimes have ticks so I'd recommend  shoes because of this. 

2nd Degree Training : 

  • Walking shoes to get to wallabys and wildlife just outside for beaming sessions
  • Photos (these can be printed out or in your phone) of . . . .
  • Photo of a pet or a person that has passed over
  • Photo of a pet or a person living that could use some healing help
  • An idea of something that is taking place in the world at the moment that could use some Reiki Healing
  • A baby photo of you (or younger pic of you) 


Extra Information For Everyone

  • Lots of blankets and pillows are provided in the house so no need to bring those (unless you have a favourite pillow)
  • Light refreshments, tea and coffee are provided daily. There is food available on the mountain at Poppys cafe and the general store sells takeaway. 
  • Please do not consume any alcohol at least 24 hours before the retreat. This helps to have a clearer energy field for the duration of our work with energy and allows the energy to settle with more ease after the reiki attunement processes.
  • Please note that we will be using hand sanitiser. If you prefer to bring your own, please feel free to  do  so.
  • Mobile reception quality is poor on the mountain. However, we can usually find a spot if absolutely needed. 


Check out time will be by 10am. To see the full itinerary please click here.  If you have any further questions simply reply to the email that I sent you. Drive safe and I'll see you on the mountain x - Kelly 

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