Refuel Body, Mind, Spirit - Gold Coast Retreat

Tentative date is March 2020 - Dates will appear here when event location  is secured


This 3 Day Body, Mind, Spirit Retreat is designed to refuel your body with self pampering techniques that you will experience, adopt and be able to take home with you. You will also be taken through extremely gentle exercise that is very slow and flowing to get your physicalness moving purposefully.

Your mind will be calmed in such an easy way with fully guided meditations that are a pleasure to follow along with and take on as part of a routine for when you get home if you choose to. You will also incorporate new habits for a positive growth mindset to be able to gain more out of living. 

You will connect with your Spirit Team and release any heaviness from your body and your life as you are fully guided through a full body chakra energy balance for yourself. You will also deepen your connection with Who-You-Really-Are as you have a taste of journaling and gratitude to express yourself from within and gain more understanding of the energy flow associated with thought, feeling, emotion and reality.

3 Day Gold Coast Retreat Itinerary

 Friday - Day 1

2.00pm - Check in to your accommodations
3.30pm - Gather at the Meeting Room for Introductions (meeting room info is provided when you secure your spot)
4.00pm - Opening Circle and Journaling (Exercise book journal included for you) to affirm Retreat desires

4.20pm - Quick Break

4.40pm - Gentle Movement Session (Easy Tai Chi )
5.15pm - Guided Meditation and Evening Gratitude (Gratitude book provided for you)

6.00pm - Your time for dinner and self as you return to your own accommodation for the evening

Saturday - Day 2 

7.00am - Gather at the Meeting Room for Silence in our surroundings
7.15am - Morning guided meditation and Present Moment Practise
7.45am - Gentle movement session (Easy Tai Chi)

8.30am - Breakfast and self time for a brain dump and priorities 

10.00am - Meet back at the Meeting Room and begin Vision Board Creation (all material provided)

11.00am - Quick Break

11.10am - Guided Self Acupressure Hand Massage (Take home hand outs so you can continue self pampering at home)
11.30am - Finish up Vision Board

12.30pm - Your time for Lunch and Self

2.20pm - Meet back at Meeting Room with water bottle and swimming togs
2.30pm - Time in and out of the swimming pool areas and Present Moment Meditation Practise 

3.30pm - Time to get changed and freshen up

4.00pm - Back at the Meeting Room - Connecting with Source and expanding your energy field (Video access of this process for when you return home)
4.30pm - Fully guided chakra balancing for chakra healing (mp3 available online)

5.00pm - Quick Break

5.15pm - Spiritual Awakening Journaling
5.30pm - Gratitude and Mantra Affirmation with beads (Bracelet Beads provided for you)
6.00pm - Open discussion of the day or anything on your mind

6.30pm - Your time for dinner and self as you return to your own accommodation for the evening

Sunday - Day 3

7.00am - Gather at the Meeting Room for Silence In our surroundings
7.15am  - Morning guided meditation and Present Moment Practise
7.45am - Gentle movement session (Easy Tai Chi)

8.30am - Breakfast and self time for a brain dump and priorities 

If you are leaving the Gold Coast today you will need to check out of your accommodations by 10am and then come back to meet us at the Meeting Room if you choose to stay on for a few more hours. If you are traveling with family, they are welcome to explore while you finish spending a little bit more time with your newfound friends. Keep your journals and beads handy.

10am - Meet back at the Meeting Room for Anti- Ageing Facelift Self Care Techniques (Facial chart hand out for you to take home and video access of this process)
10.30am - Sharing in small groups of 2 or 3, what your next steps will be when you return home (Get ideas from others too)
11.00am -  Journalling; Re-Writing Your Story and quiet time mantra affirmations (with beads)

12.00pm Farewell those that are leaving us today. Your time for Lunch and Self or departure from Sunshine if you are heading home.

If you are staying on for the afternoon or another night, the individual one on ones of the Intuitive Energy and Crystal Healing Sessions begin (extra cost of $40 per person per half hour or $30 per person for a 20 min Kansa Wand and Jojoba Oil Facial Massage. Pre bookings essential. If you would like to reserve a spot, please let Kelly know on booking)

2pm - 2.30

2.30 - 3pm

3pm - 3.30

3.30 - 4pm

4pm - 4.30pm Kellys break

4.30pm - 5pm

5pm - 5.30pm

5.30pm - 6pm

End of itinerary. Thank you.


How Much Does It Cost?

General Cost is $650 and includes everything listed above. 
The full payment must be completed in full, 4 weeks prior to the retreat commencement date.

Early Bird Cost is $550 when paid in full 6 weeks prior to the retreat commencement date.

Bring A Friend Cost  is $500 for 2 or more people when paid together,in full 6 weeks prior to the retreat commencement date.

Accommodation and meals are to be organised by you. They are not included in the retreat pricing. There are many apartments and holiday homes to choose from. You can view them here (LINK COMING SOON). If you are open to sharing accommodation with other retreat participants to save some money, please let Kelly know upon booking.

Contact Kelly directly via the form below to enquire or make your booking.

Refuel Body, Mind, Spirit Enquiry Form

What would you like to do?

Dates will be added soon. What location are you interested in?

As soon as you submit your form it will be sent to Kelly. She will then be in touch with you to answer your questions or provide you with bank details to make your payment. Thank you





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The Magnificent Bunya Mountains is only a

40 minute drive from Kingaroy

52 minutes from Nanango

60 minutes from Dalby

1hr 50 from Toowoomba

3 hours from Brisbane

4 hours from the Gold Coast 



Learn more about the Bunya Mountains

How to get to the Bunya Mountains 

Accommodation in the Bunya Mountains

Camping in the Bunya Mountains National Park

Contact Kelly to secure your spot for the Bunya Mountains Refuel Body, Mind, Spirit Retreat Today

Embrace Your Journey

In Light and with so much Love

~ Kelly Flack 

ReikiMaster Energy Healer
Mindset Coach
Tai Chi Instructor
Mum to teens
Awesome wife too ;) 



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