Usui Reiki Master Degree Training Immersion Includes Chakra & Sound Work Plus Reiki As A Business

Bunya Mountains


Thursday 11th - Sunday 14th May 2023

This event is for Reiki students that have already been attuned to Usui Reiki 1st & 2nd Degrees. You must have experience using 1st and 2nd degrees. Master training is the final level. 

This retreat is for women  that want to turn their Reiki into a business. During this 3 Day Usui Reiki Master Training Retreat you will learn how to check and balance chakra energy for yourself and for your clients and loved ones.

Your mind will be calmed in such an easy way with fully guided meditations throughout the retreat. You will come to understand the benefits of disconnecting from all things in the physical and materialistic experiences even if just for a while. When we are detached from these things, our body has a greater ability to self heal.

We will touch on 1st and 2nd degree teachings and do some beaming sessions and incorporate Master Level Training. You will learn several different ways to give an attunement to people in person and via distance. You will also be taken through self attunement processes as you work with the Master symbols. 

You'll learn about using Reiki as a business,  how to package your products for clients, work with scheduling ideas for optimising appointments and experience using sound therapy with medicine drum, koshi chimes, obsidian rattles and more.
The massive itinerary for this weekend is set out below.


4 Day/3  Night Bunya Mountain Retreat Itinerary

PLEASE NOTE : All times as detailed below are approximate times

 Thursday- Day 1 

3.30pm - Meet at the "Big Hand Sculpture" so we can all drive in together. The sculpture is located down from the general store and restaurant (opposite Poppys cafe) near the carpark area.

Our accommodation is in a locked gate area. Settle in to Silky Oaks. This is our accommodation for the next 3 nights. 

4.30pm - Introductions and Opening Circle to welcome in positively powerful energies for our weekend ahead

5.00pm - Sharing why and how you got into Reiki to begin with and how it's going for you so far

6.00pm - A brief run down of being the Observer over this weekend - not the Absorber! Reiki Scooping Sessions, Guided Meditation, Reiki Symbols cheat sheets. 

7.00pm - Master Degree Attunement Ceremonies

7.30pm - Your time for dinner and self - evening wind down - showers ect
               - Open discussion of the day or anything on your mind by the indoor fire


friday- Day 2 

7.00am - Outside Silky Oaks for Silence with Nature (please bring a camp chair to sit on)
7.15am - Morning guided intention meditation

7.30am - Breakfast and self time for reflection

9.00am - Reiki Master Degree Training begins. Breaks will take place throughout the day. 

Lesson 1 : Introduction to Reiki Master Degree and Attunement
Lesson 2 : Becoming A Reiki Master
Lesson 3 : Sharing 1st and 2nd Degree Attunement Experiences
Lesson 4 : Points to remember
Lesson 5 : Using and drawing the lightning bolt symbol - Raku
Lesson 6 : Using and drawing the balance symbol - Tam A Ra Sha
Lesson 7 : Using and drawing the non traditional Master Symbol - Dai Ko Mio
Lesson 8 : Using and drawing the Traditional Master Symbol - Dai Ko Myo
Lesson 9 : About Reiki Attunements
Lesson 10 : Preparing For the Reiki Attunement
Lesson 11 : Crown to Crown Reiki Attunement
Lesson 12 : Symbols Through Crown Reiki Attunement
Lesson 13 : Reiki Self Attunement
Lesson 14 : Distance Reiki Attunement
Lesson 15 : Reiki in Mainstream Media
Lesson 16 : Master Degree Certification

5.00pm -  Crystal pendulums and "Chakra Balance Workshop" Part 1  begins 

Lesson 1 : Energy centres - what they are and how they move
Lesson 2 : Working with a crystal pendulum and chakras
Lesson 3 : Calling your Spirit Guides to help with Chakra healing
Lesson 4 : Chakra Meanings Reference Guide

8.00pm - Your time for dinner and self - evening wind down - spiritual discussions by the indoor fire. Story sharing can continue if more people  want to speak. 


Saturday - Day 3

7.00am - Outside Silky Oaks for Silence with Nature (please bring a camp chair to sit on)
7.15am - Morning guided intention meditation

7.30am - Breakfast and self time for reflection

9.00am - Practicing 1st, 2nd and Master Degree Reiki including beaming sessions

10.00am - Crystal Pendulums and "Chakra Balance Workshop" Part 2 

Lesson 5 : Hands on techniques to clear and balance your own chakras
Lesson 6 : Hands on techniques to clear and balance another person's chakras
Lesson 7 : Helpful exercises to remove negative energy

12.30pm - Lunch break

1.15pm - "Offering Your Reiki Services" workshop begins 

Lesson 1 : Hobby or business?
Lesson 2 : Your Reiki work space
Lesson 3 : Getting your business out there
Lesson 4 : Creating packages for clients
Lesson 5 : Readying resources to help clients continue to heal from home (covers 7 main chakras)
Lesson 6 : Optimising appointments to build a regular client base
Lesson 7 : Believing in yourself as a Reiki business owner

5.00pm - Dinner break

6.30pm - Using Sound For Healing 

Experiment with the medicine drum, obsidian rattle, koshi chimes of air, fire, earth and water, shaker seed pods, feather and more

8.00pm - Evening wind down - spiritual discussions by the indoor fire. Story sharing can continue if more people  want to speak. 


Sunday - Day 4 -Pack Up Day

7.00am - Silence with nature
7.15am - Morning guided meditation - using mind energy with purpose
7.45am - Hand to shoulders Reiki circle. Closing circle of this retreat 

8.00am - Clean up. Pack up. Check out by 10am. Have an easy and safe trip home. 

End of itinerary. Thank you.


How Much Does It Cost?


Contact Kelly directly via the form below to enquire or make your booking.

7 - 10 spots available in the Retreat Accommodation. Spots are being filled.  A $150 deposit will secure your spot.

Please Note : There is only 1 spot left or 2 spots if you're coming with a friend and will share a double bed.

COST IS  $1295 for one person OR
                $950 per person if sharing the double bed. 

Cost Includes 

  • Refresher of working with 1st and 2nd Degree Reiki
  • Usui Reiki Master Degree Training, attunement and certification
  • Offering your Reiki services
  • How to check and balance chakra energy
  • Experience working with sound instruments for  healing
  • Everything listed above and accommodation is also included. 
  • This does not include food. (See video below about food)

    Spots are limited to 7 - 10 people only. $150 non-refundable deposit will secure your spot. Total payment must be completed in full by Thursday 13th April  2023. Four  weeks prior to the retreat commencement date.

Usui Reiki Master Training Enquiry / Booking Form

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You will need to provide 1st and 2nd degree Usui Reiki certificates and work manuals before applying for this Master Training Intensive. Are you able to provide this?

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