Using Energy Healing For Children


Healing with energy in the beginning when I was first actually doing it hands-on with myself and with my family members, I remember we went to Queens Park, one of our local parks in town and my daughter, she must have been about nine years old. . .

Both the girls were there and both were having a swing - we were having a great day ... and then my youngest one actually flew off the swing and cut her finger. It was quite a nasty looking cut and I had the dogs with me so I'm looking after the dogs, and she comes walking over crying

"Oh Mum, look, look, look"

So I hooked up, tuned in, connected and put my hands around her finger. I had my hands on her finger and started doing energy healing and, only about ten seconds into it, she's trying to pull her finger away going "Mum it's too hot, it's hurting"

... but my hands were stuck on there. I couldn't let go.

And it's because she needed more healing and you know it wasn't me it was my team working through me. And you'll come to understand this when you get into healing with energy. But working on her finger and I said "just a few seconds longer just a few seconds longer, hang in there" ...

and then, you know, after another 10 seconds or so I was able to take my hands off and, to this day, it's just ... it had stopped bleeding and it looked like it was starting to seal up again you know, the cut - and she looked at it and I looked at it and we were like - what - this is amazing.





Learning about energy healing and being to able to apply it to your children - even when they've had bad thoughts or nightmares; applying energy healing. When they've gone for jobs; applying energy healing for that. Being bullied; applying protection for that.

These are for my children, you know... and this is a big deal, being able to help your child, even if they're a baby. I've even done energy healing work on babies oh and they're amazing to work with. They're just beautiful to work with - the energy of a baby.

But as they grow and turn into the teenagers and then - oh my god teenagers -  don't get me started! Using the energy healing there as well and it's just, it's just changed my whole family's life being able to look at things from a different perspective all because of being able to work with energy.

I've taught my children all about energy healing so now they can do it on themselves as well. Whenever they have a problem, energy healing. They hook up, tune in, straight away, hands on, fixed, all good, yeah.

Take a look at the links next to the video there's loads more information in there. Learn how you can support your children, partners and pets through energy healing.

There's also full support to our secret online community group where we can go through and we can send healing to, if you've got children, to your children for you on your behalf. And this happens once a month. I'll get into that in another video but just being able to share the ups and downs and encourage each other to keep on going you know. And sharing the wins, the many wins that people have with using healing on their children, or their partners, and so many other things but yeah, check out the image links above and if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below.

Anyway, take care of you, stay safe and remember - it's all good 



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