Use Energy Healing For Depression, Anxiety and Stress


Depression stress and anxiety were three of the main things that I used to live my life by.  Depression was one of the most heaviest things that I've been through. I was in a depressive state for many years. Anxiety came along with that and of course stress as well, but learning a little bit about energy healing and not really understanding it at all, I remember thinking "hey, this energy healing stuff could be something that's gonna help me. I'm gonna have a go because I can't stay like this anymore"

You know, you get the "heavies" when you're sad; when you're at your rock bottom or when you're just anxious and you just don't want to do certain things. I remember that feeling very well and when you're just stressing out all the time ... "how am I gonna pay for this week's bills" or whatever the case may be... but out of all these kinds of little stresses, the depression was the key one for me.

Learning about energy healing, I would connect with my spirit team every day, and it only took a minute. That calmed me so much. I went through a series of exercises and we go through these in the main course as well, but going through these exercises just "calmed the farm" completely :) 

So connecting with my team, became my safe space. A place that I could just feel safe in and I could go there whenever I wanted. But then after a while, the safe space that it provided for me turned into a growing space so it actually became a place where I would go within myself, hooking up with the spirit team etc





But I would go there to learn things. It's amazing how once you start learning about energy healing. things start happening, and to this day, I can't explain it. Things just start happening. Your consciousness opens up. You become aware of more things around you and I've just grown ever since.

Depression - gone!

Anxiety - I still have a bit, but I've got things that I can use now to deal with it. For me, my main anxious thing that gets me going is driving from one place to a new place, and I don't know how to get there.

In the very beginning, learning about energy healing and the doubts that would come through were phenomenal. That was like a big wall for me like you know ... "what if this isn't working" ... the roadblocks and thoughts like, "I'm not gonna be able to do this" and then just thinking like that immediately put me straight back down into the state of depression or the stress the anxiety. 

I realise now as the energy healer that I am, and the rubbish, the crap that I had to go through for myself from my own personal experiences, a lot of it was around the doubt. I learned to remove all those things that pop up. Take a look at this in The Chakra Energy Healing Complete Online Course, there is a whole section dedicated to busting through doubt.

Helping you move through all that rubbish that will probably pop up and there are video explanations that you can go through answering all these questions ... Helping you to understand how to get through all the rubbish that could get in your way as you're learning about energy healing because I want this to work for you. I really do 100%

I mean gosh, it worked for me. My life has never been the same. Without it, I'd still be sitting in the corner of the room crying. But the best thing is, as well as all of the videos, there's also ongoing support and there's even a ton of information in our secret online community support group, and you have access to that forever ...  as long as you're interested in energy healing. Stay in the group and learn and grow with people that are going through the same thing as you. Learning how to use their own energy to their benefit. That's really what it's all about and how to break through all the blocks that could come up and slap you in the face saying "hey, you're not gonna be able to do this"

There's ways around that doubt and I show you every step of the way what you can do to get through, to get over the next hurdle that might present itself until energy healing just becomes a natural part of your everyday life :-)

Well, for me from my own experience, without learning about the energy that I am and the way that I'm causing my life to be, such as the periods that I went through with depression with stress with anxiety - that was all me -  but learning about it energetically and applying energy healing to such situations; My life has never been the same and Your life can change too.

Just by learning about energy healing and how to apply it to your life successfully. There's a couple of links next to the video. Click them to learn more, and I really hope to see you in there.

All the best, take care of you, stay safe and remember,

It's all good - even the hard parts...

When you get to look at the bigger picture ... it's all good

xo Kelly 


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