Stop Negative Thought

Thoughts are energy.

It's important to be aware of this because when you're thinking a thought that doesn't feel very good, you are in essence creating something that is not going to be of benefit to you. 

Let's begin with picking a word, For example: (a word that's going to delete a negative thought) Lets have a look. You've got 

Delete     Cancel     Remove     Erase

My daughter says "control alt delete" - so if you want to get technical, go with that one (hahaha). But the idea is to be able to say a word that is going to delete the thought that you've just had. Because words are also energy. 

As soon as you have a negative thought, say your word straight away.  Like, from after watching this video, you might go and put the jug on or go to another room and on the way you might have a negative thought . . .


 "Delete". Straight away. So the word energy is cancelling out the thought energy that you've just had, which is a good thing because you don't want to create whatever negative thing you were thinking about anyway.

Negative thoughts can be with us for many many years. They could have come to us from things that happened in childhood, different beliefs from parents, from external authority figures that as a younger person you might have deemed to be completely true. But they might not necessarily make you feel very good.

These have created thought patterns. Often dominant, negative thought patterns that can play over and over again. So what this technique is teaching you to do is to stop those ways of thinking.

Use this. Use your word for as long as you can. I've been using it for years and I still use it to this very day. It is extremely handy and it has allowed me to have so many things that weren't benefitting me, just fall away from my life. It's like taking off an old jacket that you just didn't want to be wearing in the first place. 

Awareness is key. So there is a bit of work to do here. Choose a word. Use it. So become aware of the negative thoughts that you might be having from this point onwards and use your word.

The more you use it - you can use it a thousand times in a day, thats fine - by the end of the week you won't be using it as much because, you're actually retraining your brain and the different types of loops of thinking that it has put itself into. Well, that you have helped it, to put itself into. So now you've gotta help it to break those patterns.

Pick a word. Start today. Take care of you, stay safe and remember - it's all good.

With Love,
Kelly Flack xo



What word did you choose?
Use it regularly every day for faster results (You're shifting energy here)



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