Scattered Energy


60 Second SelfHealing Tip

Take a moment now to take a deep breath in . . .

. . . and exhale . . . just calming the energy that is you.

When you're in a calm space (take a few more deep breaths in and out) and repeat in your mind

I call myself back to me

This is helping to call your energy back to you that has been scattered. Many of us go around with scattered energy throughout the day which is why some of us are just 'all over the place' sometimes.

Take a moment now - deep breath in . . .

. . . and exhale . . .

I call myself back to me

Every morning before you go out and do your day and every evening when you come back home - centre yourself - calm - deep breath in  . . . exhale . . .

I call myself back to me

Until next time, take care of you,

With Love,
Kelly Flack xo







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