Tree Connections

60 Second Self Healing Tip

Do you have a tree in the backyard? 

If you don't, go to a park. Now, you know what I'm gonna say - hug a tree!

I know, it sounds a bit 'out there' sometimes but we've all heard of it.  Hugging a tree actually connects yourself to all that the tree is and the roots that go deep into the earth and you know that the earth is a big ball of energy that charges you up.

Tree hugging is highly beneficial. I've done it myself! Just get out there and hug a tree. It doesn't matter who's watching. You might start a new trend. 

The more people that take that time - you're in the moment when you're hugging a tree - so take that time to 'listen'.  Trees talk to each other, this has been proven scientifically. Google it. And they can also communicate with you so shhhh . . .

. . .and 'listen'

Until next time, take care of you,

With Love,
Kelly Flack xo





Soooo, did you do it? :-)


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