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60 Second Self Healing Tip

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Crystals are energy beings in their own right. They have a different vibration to each other. They have a different frequency and when you work with them and use them, you're actually helping to build yourself up as well.

Different crystals can work on different energy centres in the body. The energy centres are also known as chakras.

If you don't have crystals or have never done any work with them before, have a go.  Click here to have a look at some step by step instructions of how you can begin working with crystals. They do benefit you.

When you match colours of crystals to the colours of chakras, you can even give each of your energy centres a cleanse.

Simply buy 7 different coloured  crystals - any types and use them as:

Red crystal for the root chakra which is located at the base of the spine.
Orange crystal for the sacral chakra which is located below the belly button
Yellow crystal for the solar plexus chakra which is located above the belly button.
Pink or green crystal for the heart chakra, middle of chest area.
Blue crystals for the throat chakra.
Purple crystals for the third eye which is lower mid forehead
White crystals for the crown chakra at the top of the head.

Crystals are highly beneficial energies to work with and are good fun as well, especially for children; they just have a knack with that kind of vibrational energy.

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