22nd December 2015

Hey my beautiful girl,

Your sleepy ways and lazy days have now come to an end
A tired little body of a dear sweet loyal friend
And now you start your journey as you head Home to The Light
May you find your playful spirit as your soul soars off in flight

I will miss you, ever faithful, laying all over the floors,
And your sleepy eyes and medicines that knocked you out with snores.
You would wait for our return when we would go about our days
I will miss your smoochy cuddles and your old forgetful ways


Now I smile for your adventure will be great - of this I know
And I feel that you've been greeted by Dear Sherbert, as you go
Oh so happy, your reunion with your loving furry friend
I'm so glad you have your husband waiting on the other end

Now I know how food has played a great big part while you were here
So I packed a little doggy bag for you to have my dear
Lick your lips and wander freely in your peaceful heaven home
Knowing that we'll always love you and you'll never be alone

Rest well my beautiful Cashew. Until we meet again xxxx

~ Love, “Mummy” ❤







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