30th November 2013

Dearest Sherbert,

We buried you today underneath the apple tree
There was Dad and Shay and Cori and your wife – Cashew, and me
The girls and I wrote little notes to send you on your way
With words that poured straight from our hearts of things we had to say


Last night you’d left your body as it lay there on the floor
As I placed my hands upon you I could “feel” so much more
Then I smiled as your Essence gently nudged my Inner Being
And I knew that You were everywhere - not just what we were seeing

Then that playful “puppy whirlwind” that we’d known from days gone by
Seemed to jump up all around me, bridging here, from Earth to Sky
And I felt it, overwhelming strength of Pure Love and Bliss
My Minds Eye clearly saw You, free from pain and limitless

Now you’re playing by the Rainbow Bridge in grasses soft and green
And that big time personality will soon grace things unseen
I’m so happy for you Buddy, you lived the fullest in this life
And we’ll do our best with Cashew, after all, she is your wife

Today I think it’s hit her, as she knows you’re not around
She was looking for you earlier but you were nowhere to be found.
Cash sits quietly in sadness but we’re cuddling her heaps
But then her tail starts off wagging as we hand her a small treat

We will get through this together – you know us! Our family’s strong
And we’ll reminisce the good times, have a cry, and carry on
Our Dear Sherbie, we will keep you in our minds most now and then
In our hearts you’ll stay forever mate ~ until we meet again xxx

I love you xxx ~ “Mummy” ❤





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