Personal Power and Your Solar Plexus Chakra . . .

Lets talk about your personal power, your confidence or lack of and your solar plexus chakra. 

Now the solar plexus chakra is above the belly button. If you're one of those people that are out there, confident and life is exciting and everything is wonderful, then your solar plexus chakra will be spinning beautifully. 

But if you're one of those people that go out there in life and think . . .

I cant'. I can't do it. I won't be able to do it. It's not going to work for me.

Not a lot of confidence, putting yourself down . . . these things are also affecting your solar plexus chakra. Check out the video for more information.

Until next time,  take care of you, stay safe and remember . . .

It's all good

xox ~ Kelly






Let's talk about the Solar plexus chakra

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