Clapping to Shatter Negative Energy

Energy can sometimes stagnate or become heavy. We can often feel this when we walk into rooms or homes or visit different places. 

People can leave behind energy or rooms can simply take on the vibe of  a family. 

Thankfully, it's easy enough to move along as you'll see in the video.

Clapping to shatter negative energy is actually quite effective. The best part about it is that you can HEAR the change in energy by the sound of each clap that you make. Take your time with this.

So try this now : Clap once and listen to the tone. 
Clap again and listen.

Try clapping in the corner of rooms to hear and feel different sounds. Go for the "crisp clap" as explained in the video. Sometimes during or after an Energy Healing Workshop, I get participants to "clap" their hands, and since we have usually been moving energy during these workshops, the claps can have different sounds to them. Fascinating stuff! 

Having said that, yes, there are some energies that could need a little bit more work to get them to move along.  There are so many different ways to shift energy and I will add more to the Energy Blog as time goes by. 

If you have found this useful or helpful, please feel free to share the love. Have fun with it :) 

Because you absolutely can!


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