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Mindset &Chakra Energy Workshops

Coming 2024


1st, 2nd and Master Degree training andattunements and certification with Energy Healing Master & Mindset Coach, Kelly Flack

Or take a look at the online  courses  for 1st degree 2nd degree and Master degree training 


This is a hands-on workshop for checking and balancing chakras. Suitable for the absolute beginner including people that are  already working with healing energy.  For those  interested in understanding their chakra energy to being able to clear and balance chakras for themselves and for other people.


Working With Crystals

New crystal workshops for 2024. Learn how to make  crystal kits for protection, love, sleep, anxiety and more. Working with crystals for healing, fengshui, using generators, terminated points and more.


Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness

There are so many different ways to approach meditation. My hope is that you will find one that resonates best with you for your practice.


Changing Foundations 
For A Positive Life

Negative thoughts can play on a loop like a bad groundhog day. These can be thoughts that we picked up during childhood or a bad experience that seems to stick with us wherever we go. When we can change that negative loop, that's when we can slide into the positives. But how? 

After this workshop you will know how to set up positive triggers around your home and workplace that will keep your mind on track 100%. Everything you have in your life is due to the thought patterns that you hold.

If you feel it's time to switch from negative to positive for yourself to lessen stress and be happier, then this is the workshop for you.


About Your Facilitator, Kelly Flack
Kelly Flack is a professional energy healing master, mindset coach and mentor.As a wife and mother of two, Kelly's life changed when she hit rock bottom of depression. She was then guided to discover more about the human potential and she grabbed that chance with all she had.Since then she has:
  • Created Positive Mindset and Energy Healing Programs along with Life Enhancing Sessions
  • Held monthly Healing Gatherings in Toowoomba for local students to practise and build confidence in their energy healing abilities
  • Built several online courses of meditation, mindset and energy for self healing and personal growth
Kelly specialises in helping people that have somehow become lost in life and feel stuck in todays society. She helps you to tune into your true nature as mindsets shift, energy amplifies and life comes back into a beautiful balance under a brand new and exciting perspective. 



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