The Peddler

I was working on a client and I had my hands on her left leg and knee. (The left side of the body sometimes shows me the spiritual side of a person) 

While I was standing there channelling Reiki to my client, an old lady appeared. She was hunched over and I saw her pick a leaf and deposit it into my clients energy field.

I asked her (in my mind) -  "What are you doing?"

She explained that she does this for certain people. She takes a look at a persons energy field and gives it the leaf of a herb that will help on that particular day or with a certainsituation that they might be experiencing at that time in their life.


The herb leaf dissolves into the energy field as it gives the person nourishment on a spiritual level. I had never seen this before.

The old lady hadan oddly shaped nose with the iconic wart on one side. She also had a gentle smile. I simply had to ask her

"Are you a witch?"

"No Dear. I am a peddler and I travel through these realms dishing out these herbs to my people. My name is Augustus"

I began to argue with myself in my mind saying, isn't Augustus a boys name? Gosh, the things the mind comes up with. 

Anyway, she felt like she was from the ***1600s and she knew my client way back then along with other people. These are the people that she continues to help today from beyond the veil. A lovely lady, Augustus. 

And there you go. Ha! That was a cool session :) 


*** It's the next day after writing this post.  I was just re-reading the post I wrote last night about old lady Augustus. I read, it felt like she was from the 1600s. . . .

She quickly popped into my mind and said "You are mistaken Dear. I am from the 1200s". So I've just added this little piece here for correction :) Thank you Augustus.








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