Bunya Mountains Reiki Training  Retreat
Thursday 1st - Sunday 4th June 2023

These Reiki Degree Training Retreats Will Give You The Spiritual Connections and Hands-On Experience 
To Be Able To Apply Reiki Energy Healing For Yourself, Your Loved Ones and Your Clients Whenever It Is Needed


Itinerary For Our 3 Night Retreat

Thursday - Day 1

3.00pm - Meet at the Big Hand Statue and then all check in to Magic Heights and get settled. 
4.00pm - 6.00pm - Opening of the weekend and Introductions.
                                 - Attunements explained. Attunements begin tonight for the weekend ahead.
6.00pm - 9.00pm -  Your time for dinner and self - evening wind down - showers etc
               - Open discussion of the day or anything on your mind by the indoor fire

Friday - Day 2 : Reiki 1st Degree Training  9am - 7pm

During the Reiki One course you will learn how to treat yourself and others with Reiki.  This is also known as Reiki 1st Degree and it is a class for beginners and is for everyone interested in learning how to work with Reiki  Healing Energy.  You need no special knowledge or ability to start because you will receive all necessary information and training during the course.

Reiki 1st Degree Training is for beginners. No experience is necessary as ALL training is provided on the day. You will be taken through :

Lesson 1 : Introduction to this course

Lesson 2 : Introduction to Reiki and the 1st Degree Attunement and receive the 4 attunements to 1st Degree Reiki

Lesson 3 : History of Reiki

Lesson 4 : Reiki Principles and Namaste

Lesson 5 : Chakras and Auras

Lesson 6 : Intuition and Meditation

Lesson 7 : Connect with Your Spirit Team. "The Calling" and meeting your individual Team members

Lesson 8 : Self Healing hand positions and a guided self treatment

Lesson 9 : Reiki For Pets and Wildlife

Lesson 10 : Reiki For Children. The importance of remaining emotionally detached while giving Reiki to loved ones

Lesson 11 : Reiki For Other Things and how to apply them

Lesson 12 : Preparing to Give a Reiki Treatment. Includes Checklist.

Lesson 13 : Treating Others Hand Positions. Guided session on a class mate. Becoming aware of energies. Cutting energy cords after session.

Lesson14 : Four Ways To Clear Yourself After Giving Healing To Another

Lesson 15 : Master Your Emotions

Lesson 16 : Energetic Meanings For Specific Body Parts

Lesson 17 : Reiki 1st Degree Certification

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

PLUS you'll receive discounted access to Reiki 1st Degree Training Online Course. This is a $275 value for less than $30! This can be used as a refresher course whenever you feel the need. It also allows you integrate the training on a deeper level and at your own pace. Life-time access.


Saturday - Day 3 : Reiki 2nd Degree Training  9am - 6pm

The Reiki 2 Course takes your Reiki development deeper and further. You'll learn how to give a distance Reiki beaming session to a situation or event that could be unfolding on the planet at that time. Three powerful Reiki symbols will also be revealed to you. These symbols will amplify your Reiki treatments exponentially! The Reiki Two symbols are used for protection, mental/emotional healing and distance treatments and when applied, they will take your session to a whole other level.

Lesson 1 : 2nd Degree Introduction and attunement

Lesson 2 : Using 2nd Degree Reiki Symbols
                 : Activating Reiki Symbols

Lesson 3 : Using and drawing the power symbol - Cho Ku Rei
Lesson 4 : Using and Drawing the mental/emotional symbol - Sei Hei Ki
                 : Healing unwanted habits
                 : Symbols for protection 

Lesson 5 : Using and drawing the distant healing symbol - Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen
                 : Using surrogates for distance healing
                 : Symbol cheat sheet
                 : Practise a beaming session

Lesson 6 : Beaming Reiki Over Distance
                 : Distance Reiki to a person 
                 : Distance Reiki to a group
                 : Distance Reiki to a pet 
                 : Distance Reiki to a situation 
                 : Distance Reiki to a country, planet, trees, plants
                 : Distance Reiki to a future event
                 : Distance Reiki to a past event including past traumas / Reiki Rebirth
                 : Distance Reiki to a person in a coma or in transition to death
                 : Distance Reiki to a passed over loved one

Lesson 7 : The Hermetic Law of Correspondence

Lesson 8 : Additional symbol uses
                 : Empowering goals
                 : Amplifying vision boards
                 : Symbols for auras
                 : Clearing crystals and other objects
                 : Food and water cleanse
                 : Rooms
                 : Pets and wildlife
                 : Locating lost objects
                 : Symbols for things big and small

Lesson 9 : Your Reiki Practise
                 : Empower your Reiki practise
                 : Law of attraction
                 : Addressing your own imbalances
                 : Using Reiki with other modalities
                 : Focus for self-healing
                 : When a client does not feel Reiki
                 : Using Reiki with animals
                 : After a session
                 : Choosing a Reiki association

Lesson 10 : 2nd Degree Certification

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

PLUS you'll receive access to Reiki 2nd  Degree Training Online Course. This is a $275 value for less than $30! This can be used as a refresher course whenever you feel the need. It also allows you integrate the training on a deeper level and at your own pace. Life-time access.

 Sunday - Check Out Day

7.00am - Final Reiki Treatments / Scoops and Thanks to Spirit Teams 

7.45am - Closing circle of this retreat

8.00am - Clean up. Pack up. Check out by 10am. Have an easy and safe trip home. 

End of itinerary. Thank you.


Cost For This Retreat

Pricing Includes :

  • 1st Degree Usui Reiki Training
  • x4 attunements to 1st degree level
  • 1st Degree Certification and lineage
  • Invitation to full access of online 1st degree reiki refresher courses to use whenever needed
  • 2nd Degree Usui Reiki Training
  • x1 attunement to 2nd degree level
  • 2nd Degree Certification and lineage 
  • Invitation to full access of online 2nd degree reiki refresher courses to use whenever needed
  • 3 nights accommodation at Magic Heights

    $895 per person. Includes everything mentioned above.
    Does not include food.
    Spots are limited per class.

    Magic Heights only allows 10 guests max. 

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