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Inner Work Workshops

Heart Space Extra Resources

If you have purchased the full online course that can accompany The Heart Space Crystal Care Pack,
you will find ALL 19 of the course videos in there plus the free chakra course.
If not, here's where you will find a few extras to go with the book :)

See Page 5 of your Heart Space book

Be able to respect and love yourself more easily

If you haven't done it yet, mirror work. "I like who I'm becoming" followed by 10 things you like about you :)


See page 6 of your Heart Space book

Direct With Love - A Guided Journey

Expanding your heart chakra energy.During this meditation, you will be guided through breathing, relaxation and then the visualisation of sending love in a specific way to certain people that are easy to love in your life . . . and also to certain people that are not so easy to love.

This meditation exercise is highly beneficial to help you expand within yourself, to encompass love without the conditions that we sometimes put on others. It provides you with an easy way to let go of hard feelings with specific people - and when we can let go, we create the space for beautiful things to unfold.

See page 7 of your Heart Space book

Shifting Depression


See page 8 of your Heart Space book

Body Appreciation Guided Journey

How often do we take time to appreciate our body. No judgements.

No self put-downs. Just gratitude for having a physical form. Take 15 minutes now, to appreciate your amazing and unique body xo


The Heart Space  19  Video Online Course 

Course Sections

  • From strategy to mindset and energy
  • Everything begins with a thought
  • Work with crystals for heart chakra clearing
  • Be able to respect and love yourself more easily
  • Direct With Love Guided Meditation Journey
  • Learn to look at people from a softer point of view
  • Love yourself enough, nevermind what others think
  • Protect your heart by using this
  • Shifting depression
  • Radiating love energy to family and friends guided mediation journey
  • Ease chest, heart and middle back pain and reduce depressive symptoms
  • Colour therapy
  • Work with nature and the power of gratitude
  • Understand how being at peace in your "Now" moment can shift worry and heaviness from the heart
  • Learn how to forgive past hurts and take steps to be able to see the bigger picture
  • Reiki for heart centre. Follow along healing session
  • See the good in everyone and everything
  • Body appreciation guided meditation journey
  • Moving through grief


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