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Relationship Relief  Extra Resources

If you have purchased the full online course that can accompany The Relationship Relief Crystal Care Pack,
you will find ALL 19 of the course videos in there plus the free chakra course.
If not, here's where you will find a few extras to go with the book :)


See page 6 of your Relationship Relief book

Observe heavy energy from others  before deciding your next move

Before jumping in on an angry energy that might be thrown your way, watch this . . .

"Everything in life has no meaning at all, except for the meaning you give it"
- Bashar

Let go of worry by using the word DELETE

Follow the videos as listed on the button below. They will take you through how to delete a  negative thought and why it is so important. 

See page 7 of your Relationship Relief book

My daughter and I use to always worry that each of us would die. I'd worry about her dying and she'd worry about me dying. It was really weird. A big fear that we shared together. Until we sat down one day and talked about it. We figured we must have lost each other in a past life and really felt the pain of it. Perhaps we never sorted through it properly so that same enetrgy came through in this lifetime.Funnily enough, after we spoke of it together, it went away. Neither of us have felt that fear anymore ever since the talk ❤


See page 10 of your Relationship Relief book

This is the story about my Dad. Toughest person I knew. And since he was one of the heaviest energies in my life, he was also one of my greatest teachers.  I share an experience I had with him (and energy) in the video. 

Dad passed away in 2016. I actually helped him to leave his body but that's another experience I share in another one of these courses. 

Shift your energy now rather than later, because sometimes later can be too late. 


The Relationship Relief 19 Video Online Course 

Course Sections

  • From strategy to mindset and energy
  • Everything begins with a thought
  • Stop negative thoughts in their tracks
  • Crystals for sacral chakra healing
  • Working with childhood energy
  • Meditation : Caring for your inner child
  • Attracting a compatible partner
  • How to observe heavy energy from others before deciding your next move
  • Release stuck feelings and emotions from sacral
  • Unleash your creative genius
  • Meditation : Letting go and Allowing in
  • Change the way you look at specific people in your life
  • You can't change people but you can do this
  • Meditation : Direct with love
  • Easily remove any negative energy that you could pick up from others on a daily basis
  • Ease pain in the lower abdomen and mid-lower back with a follow along distant reiki healing session
  • Colour therapy
  • Have healthier and happier relationships at work, home and school
  • Meditation : Radiating love energy to family and friends
  • No longer allow yourself to be intimidated and used by other people regardless of if they are family or not
  • Meditation : Reiki for relationships


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