Channelling Ashan- 4th October 2020

Today I called in the male energy that I encountered 4 nights ago. He wore a blue uniform with gold trim.

I Am Ashan. (pronounced A-sharn ) 

My body then starting jolting. I asked

Me: Ashan, why is my body shaking . . . pulsing . . .

I am running clearing energy through you
(There was a long pause as my legs and back of neck moved in little jolts)


Me: Why are you running clearing energy through me?

To help move the blocks

Me: Why do I need help to move the blocks

For whats coming up

Me: Whats coming up?

(a very long pause as my legs kept jolting) 

You  might feel tired after this

Me: Do you have any messages?

Not yet

(another long pause)

Me: (I thought I'd be cheeky here so I asked) Can you help me to lose weight?


Me: Can you keep me on track?


Me: How?


(Another long pause, still jolting, I think I dozed off for a bit) 

Rest now

(Another long pause) And then he was gone.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. Maybe I didn't do it properly. I'm starting to doubt. I was jolting though, that was pretty cool so I do believe something was happening. Oh well, guess I'll see what unfolds over the next few days. Now I have a small headache at the left of my head and I never get headaches. Interesting. Going with the flow of it all :) I recorded this channelling so I could take notes from my voice of it. This is how I could see the long pauses. Funny thing, when Ashan spoke, my voice seemed a tiny bit different. It was MY voice though. I gotta stop thinking too much. Haha far out! Having a giggle now :) 

5th October UPDATE :  A few hours after last nights channelling, I felt terrible! I was really low low low in energy and mind. I allowed myself to have a cry to release. The cry only lasted a few minutes and then I felt scared. This great fear had come over me. Of what, I'm not sure. I observed myself as I went through this. Fascinating. I felt the fear. That only lasted a few minutes too. After that came anger. Jeeez! I could have punched the crap out of a boxing bag right there and then. I was not angry at anything in particular. Just angry! And then it left. All of the feelings melted away and I was just tired. This morning however, I feel GREAT! haha! I Love it! Bloody weird man! Thank you Ashan. 

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