9 Different Ways to  Cleanse Your Crystals

Cleansing crystals when you first  take them home can become a ritual of sorts. Your new crystal has been through many people before it made its way to you and it's well worth the little time it takes to cleanse it from its journey through many hands. All crystals that make their way through my workshops are cleansed and infused with reiki for healing. However, it's a very powerful practice  to do yourself for your stones, and in the process of cleansing, the crystal can come to know that you are the one it is meant to work with :) It is a beautiful time of connection, clearing and tuning  into each others energy for powerful healing and manifestation work.

Here's 9 different ways to cleanse your crystals.

Part of my crystal team on rice 


Each time after your Crystal has done some work, the simplest way to cleanse them is to lay them on a bed of uncooked rice. Rice will soak up any negative energies that your Crystal has removed from the work they have done. Change your rice after every 5 or 6 uses – do not eat the rice ! 

The box I used in the photo was from a cheap shop. I painted each row in a chakra colour to help amplify the crystal homes with a bit of colour therapy, and it looks pretty good too :) 



Crystals LOVE full moon energies.  Simply place your Crystals on the earth, under the full moon overnight, and you will ‘feel’ a noticeable difference in their energies the next day! Just brilliant! Lightning storms are also great re-chargers but do so at your own risk. 

3. SUN

Filtered sunlight is another good source for re-charging crystals (and self) but keep in mind that sunlight can make crystal colours fade if exposed for long periods of time.


Mother earth is incredible for transmuting energy. When we walk barefoot on the earth we can actually charge ourselves up via chakra points on our feet connecting with the ions and electrons of our planet. Take a look at The Earthing Movie if you haven't seen it yet.

Anyway, got  a  bit sidetracked there. Since earth can work wonders for us, it can also do the same for our crystal friends. Simply place them on the earth for a while. Maybe sit with them and soak in some healing for yourself too as you spend quality time in nature.

However, I just want to make you aware of the fact that Magpies and other bird species love shiny things …… so if you leave them out overnight you may want to get up early to collect your crystals or just go with The Flow and see what happens :) Everything happens for a reason.

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You can also bury your crystals in soil for a deep energy cleanse. I suggest putting a garden fork in the ground as a marker  with a glove on it so you know exactly where you buried your crystals. This way you won't have to dig up the whole yard just to find them again :)


Smudging is an ancient ritual used for purifying objects, energy of self and the environment or space around you. You could smudge with Palo Santo or Smudge sticks of sage and rosemary. Light the smudge and allow your crystal to be surrounded by the smoke for a delicate cleanse. 


If you are attuned to 2nd or Master Degree Reiki, you can use your symbols for cleansing and protection of yourself and your crystals (and anything else for that matter). Simply connect with your spirit team, call in Reiki and symbol choku rei, sei hei ki, choku rei over your crystal pieces and apply reiki for a minute or two. Add master symbols as well if you feel the need. 


The next time you are at the ocean, collect a jar of sea water for your crystals to bathe in. If you're inland and are miles away from oceans you can simply add sea salt to water and use that :)  Keep in mind that some crystals do not like water though. Apparently pyrite can turn into sulphuric acid when mixed with water for a while. I have never tried it (I don't wish to). Pieces like selenite can dissolve in water over time so do a little research of your particular crystal piece before submerging it into water. 


Selenite plates are great for cleansing other crystals. place your crystals on the selenite plate overnight so it can absorb any energy that your crystals might have picked up from healing. Selenite is self cleansing. You can also slowly hover selenite over a persons chakra centres for clearing as well. 




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