Messages Via Kelly 19th April 2020


A Facebook friend all the way from Canada, mentioned that there was a meditation on today at 11am. It was 11 minutes to 11am when I finished watching the video about this meditation so I thought, yep, lets do it! (Thank you Shawn) :) 

I grabbed my personal crystal stash and headed outside. Sat down with the crystals and these are the ones that wanted to work with me at this time. 

I took a few deep breaths, called my Guides to me and asked them to help me visualise things that would be of benefit to humanity for our highest will and good.

I tend to get "myself" right out of the way so Source can work through me. After all, MY thoughts of what I want for humanity could be completely different to what humanity actually needs. 

I was then given visions of people smiling and communicating, lovingly, sharing ideas and advice and uplifting one another. I saw gardens of foods and flowers and communities of helpfulness and compassion all around the world. I thought to myself, what a wonderful way to be. Yes please :) 

But the first thing was complete open communication in a caring and understanding way. That was up front and the  very first thing we would need to learn how to do together. 

I then held carnelian.  She has some shades of lines going across her.  I was told that we would all need to make our way to the same path/lines eventually.

(I'm guessing this is how the communities will begin to form with a group of people thinking along the same "lines") 


Next I held Amber. Amber has bubbles in it. The messages from this one today  was . . .

. . . even though we might feel "stuck in time", we don't have to. Keep moving, even if ever so slowly.


Orange Calcite I know as the playful one :) 

This particular piece has a two-toned colour of orange and white.

The messages from this crystal today was . . .

. . . not everything is black and white. Keep playing. Hold hope. 


Clear Quartz told me . . .

. . . no matter how many scars you've been though, always hold the Light. 

Love to All xo - Kelly 

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