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As my way of saying THANK YOU for coming along xoxo

Refuel Body, Mind, Spirit -Bunya Mountains Retreat

I hope you enjoy this page :) It's filled with things of our retreat that you are welcome to refer back to and use over and over again :) 

Our Tai Chi

Beginners Set:

1. Commencement of Tai Chi
2. Open/Close
3. Wave Hands Like Clouds (x3 left)
4. Open/Close
5. Fair Lady Works The Shuttle (left & right)
6. Open/Close
7. Toe Kick (left & right)
8. Open/Close
9. Wave Hands Like Clouds (x3 right)

Advanced Set:

11. Wave Hands Like Clouds (x3 left)
12. Open/Close
13. Stroking Birds Tail (left)
14. Open/Close
15. Stroking Birds Tail (right)
16. Open/Close
17. Wave Hands Like Clouds (x3 right)
18. Open/Close
19. Closing Movement


Dr Paul Lams videos and workshops can be found at his website Tai Chi Institute For Health
You all did an incredible job learning this in 6 short lessons over 3 quick days. Well done! 


Sakulas Breathwork

Her name is Sakula (not Sakura). Anyway, enjoy xo



Some Reviews

If you really enjoyed the retreat, I sure would love your review. Here are some so far - thank you sooooo much xoxo




Guided Meditation Journeys


If you'd like to experience ALL of my Guided Meditation Journeys, take a look at the full library via the button below :) 






The Calling

I call The Light, of Universal Love and Healing to me
I call Archangel Michael to me for protection
I call my Highest Vibrational Guides to me

Please help to move healing energy through me, not from me
Into me, me, me for my Highest Will and Good 



Take Your Chakra Healing Further
If You Feel Drawn To Do So


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Yoga With Adriene for Lower Back Love

Some of you heard me talk about the back pain I went through. I followed this video for 3 days in a row and my back came good. Now I use this regularly because I enjoy it. I couldn't even sit cross-legged when I started. Now I can :) Have a go if you're called to xo





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