Reiki 2nd Degree Training Day

The Reiki 2nd Degree Course takes your Reiki development deeper and further. 

Three powerful Reiki symbols will be revealed to you. These symbols will amplify your Reiki treatments exponentially! These 2nd Degree symbols are used for protection, mental/emotional healing and distance treatments and when applied, they will take your session to a whole other level.

Reiki Two can be used to benefit everything from Reiki One, as well as situations, circumstances, future events, past events, upcoming meetings, car trips, surgery, overseas clients, past lives and so much more!

A story of how a lady used 2nd degree Reiki symbols as protection for her car, and what happened when a cricket ball was hit straight toward the parked car! This video explains what the symbols are and what each one can do.

During the Reiki 2nd Degree Training you will learn: 

Lesson 1 : 2nd Degree Introduction and attunement

Lesson 2 : Using 2nd Degree Reiki Symbols
                 : Activating Reiki Symbols

Lesson 3 : Using and drawing the power symbol - Cho Ku Rei
Lesson 4 : Using and Drawing the mental/emotional symbol - Sei Hei Ki
                 : Healing unwanted habits
                 : Symbols for protection 

Lesson 5 : Using and drawing the distant healing symbol - Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen
                 : Using surrogates for distance healing
                 : Symbol cheat sheet
                 : Practise a beaming session

Lesson 6 : Beaming Reiki Over Distance
                 : Distance Reiki to a person 
                 : Distance Reiki to a group
                 : Distance Reiki to a pet 
                 : Distance Reiki to a situation 
                 : Distance Reiki to a country, planet, trees, plants
                 : Distance Reiki to a future event
                 : Distance Reiki to a past event including past traumas / Reiki Rebirth
                 : Distance Reiki to a person in a coma or in transition to death
                 : Distance Reiki to a passed over loved one

Lesson 7 : The Hermetic Law of Correspondence

Lesson 8 : Additional symbol uses
                 : Empowering goals
                 : Amplifying vision boards
                 : Symbols for auras
                 : Clearing crystals and other objects
                 : Food and water cleanse
                 : Rooms
                 : Pets and wildlife
                 : Locating lost objects
                 : Symbols for things big and small

Lesson 9 : Your Reiki Practise
                 : Empower your Reiki practise
                 : Law of attraction
                 : Addressing your own imbalances
                 : Using Reiki with other modalities
                 : Focus for self-healing
                 : When a client does not feel Reiki
                 : Using Reiki with animals
                 : After a session
                 : Choosing a Reiki association

Lesson 10 : 2nd Degree Certification

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

PLUS you'll receive heavily discounted access to the online course 2nd degree reiki training for when you get home so you can continue with your Reiki journey. (Usually $185 but for students, only $29) Learn even MORE from different Reiki stories that compliment the training day AND this gives you more time to integrate what you would have learned during the live event. Great to refer back to as a refresher course when ever you need it. 


Please bring lunch and afternoon tea for yourself. You'll have access to fridge and microwave. Tea, coffee and light refreshments are provided.

Location: Gowrie Junction (12 kms from Toowoomba CBD in QLD, Australia)
Time: 9am - 3pm

Course Investment: $340. or $250 with a  voucher. Includes a $60 discount voucher for Master degree*Returning students after a refresher live course half price 

Pre-requisite: 1st Degree Reiki

 HOW TO PAY : Kelly will email through bank details to make your payment to when you fill out the Reiki Training Enquiry Form below



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PLEASE BE AWARE : Before going for your 2nd degree training, you MUST have experience in working with 1st degree Reiki. You will be asked to share your 1st degree experiences with the class. If you have not been practicing Reiki, please work with your previous degree first. Each degree will grow you in its own unique way so make the most of the experience.

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