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#ReikiTalk The process of attunement is what makes Reiki different to all other forms of healing and accelerated spiritual unfoldment. It is not something that you have to learn how to do as with other healing and spiritual techniques. It is the process of attunement or initiation, which reawakens your dormant ability to access and use your Reiki energy.

Avoid taking alcohol or any other form of drug for at least 24 hours before diving into energy healing and attunement ceremonies. It's important to be a clear channel when using Reiki. These substances slow and hinder the flow of Reiki throughout the body.

During the Usui attunement ceremony, through the focused intention of the Reiki Master, the subconscious, higher conscious and conscious parts of you are re-minded of your desire to reawaken to the knowledge of Who-You-Really-Are.

Your brain, the major physical governor of your present reality, gently opens up to allow more energy and understanding to flow in through the Crown Chakra. The Heart Chakra is similarly affected.

The 7 main Chakras of the human body are energy centres. They distribute energy throughout different areas of your body which can affect your physical conditions and also your outer ‘realities’ such as relationships, wealth, creativity and health. Hence the saying ~ Go within or go without!

There are 4 attunements of Reiki One. In essence what the attunement process is doing is gently increasing the flow of energy coming through your upper chakra systems to create a more balanced and harmonious environment within you for the “Rei” or “consciousness of God” to flow more noticeably into your life.

The first attunement, attunes both the heart and the thymus while also attuning the heart chakra on the etheric level.

The second attunement affects the thyroid gland, and on an etheric level, helps to open up the throat chakra which is our communication centre.

The third attunement affects both the third eye, which corresponds to the pituitary gland (our centre of higher consciousness and intuition) and the hypothalamus, which affects the body’s mood and temperature.

The fourth attunement further opens the crown chakra, our connecting link with spiritual consciousness, and its corresponding physical partner, the pineal gland. The final attunement completes the process by sealing the channel open, so that you can retain the ability to channel Reiki energy for life.

One of the wonderful things about Reiki is, once you have received the attunement, Reiki remains with you even if you do not use it for long periods of time. Once you are ‘opened up’ to it, you stay that way – and the more you tap in and use it, the more you will continue to ‘open up’. In a nutshell, the first 3 attunements balance the upper chakras and the fourth seals the energy.

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