Reiki Energy Healing Versus Spiritual Energy Healing.
What's The Difference? 


Reiki energy versus spiritual energy. What's the difference?

So I've got a lot of people going through this course that are not attuned to Reiki and that is fine. You are energy. You are an energetic spiritual being playing in a human experience. So you are already energy. You are it! (laughs) 

But when you're doing healing, you're hooking up with Source energy and it's flowing through you, not from you.

Now, I've been a Reiki Master for many years and I hear stories, you know, some people will say, if you're not attuned to Reiki you're gonna get tired a lot faster.

That was my belief in the beginning. I actually took that on and chose to believe that and so I did. Before I became attuned to Reiki I did get tired a lot faster. But you don't have to chose to believe that. It will save you a lot of time if you don't believe that (laughs) 

When you're doing energy healing, you're using Source energy, so it's flowing through you. This is spiritual healing, it's spiritual energy, it's Source energy.

Reiki energy on the other hand is, it's still Source energy, but I should say "Reiki Attunements", on the other hand, - and I highly recommend them - because the attunement process is - for me personally - I believe, the thing that kick started this whole journey.

The attunement process clears DEEPLY blocks and imbalances that you could have brought through from your childhood. Even some imbalances and blocks that you could be carrying through from past lives.

So the attunement process is extremely powerful. And it's attuning you to Reiki energy which is in Essence, Source energy. It's what you're using already. But you're using them, possibly, with a lot of blocks within yourself if you haven't gone through an attunement process.

I highly recommend, if you're not attuned to Reiki at least going through the Reiki One attunement process. 

If you want to do this, look for a Reiki Master that is obviously qualified, that has some good reviews and a Reiki Master that is giving ALL attunements.

You'll have some masters out there that will just attune people to level one and two. Find  someone that will do one, two and master degree. This is how you share energy. You help people move through as much as they can.

If you're gonna come across a master that will only do one and two for you, I suggest you don't go there. They need to be able to share everything which means sharing their Master status with you as well. 






I do hold attunements here where I live and if you're a local, by all means, have a yak, have a talk and we'll get something organised. But if you're overseas or interstate, google it. Do your research on a person and if you can, go and meet them before committing to having an attunement session with them. 

It will rock your world - literally (laughs). It will open up so much for you and clear a lot of crap - the heavy duty stuff that just hangs around, you know! (laughs) 

But it lifted so much from me. It's the thing that helped me to get out of depression where I lived for many many years and I don't know if you've seen those videos yet . . .

But just being able to move through that and teaching myself how to learn to think in different ways. Life is good. And even the not-so-good bits are understandably, things that need to be had. And being attuned to Reiki can possibly help you to be able to see this from a whole new level.

As for the difference between Reiki energy healing and spiritual energy healing, you're using Source energy. It's all the same thing. But Reiki attunements . . . those are good stuff if you're with the right Reiki Master. Something to think about anyway. Have fun with all of that. All that You are :)

xox ~ Kelly

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