7 Gentle Self Care Tips For Getting Through Covid19 

The entire planet is still wading through lockdowns or quarantine or something to do with Covid19. Everywhere we look on mainstream media, Facebook, other social media sites . . . . there it is. Learning about the news around this can really  get to  a person after a while. So instead of attaching to the low frequency that this dis-ease resonates at, lets get into some easy ways of self care instead :)

Here are 7 ways that I have been practising and I must say, the more I do them, the better I feel. These are simply suggestions. Take what you like and incorporate them into your life. 

Tip 1 

Mainstream media news often tends to highlight "the bad news". People can get caught up in this bad news whirlwind and sometimes have trouble getting back out of it. It's not a healthy vibrational level to dwell in that's for sure! So what do we do? May I suggest not watching the news at all :D

But if you must, turn on the news, get the bullet points of the new rules and regulations that seem to change almost daily at the moment, and then turn the news off. That way you're up to date, you're abiding by the law and you're out again so you can lift your vibe instead of being dragged down for hours at a time. 

Tip 2

Get creative :) I have some colouring books that I have made a start on. It's so peaceful to be able to sit and colour in. Maybe you'd enjoy painting or drawing something instead. Have a go of writing a  story or a poem, maybe even a book!  Jigsaw puzzles will also keep you busy. My daughter has a number of 1000 piece puzzles and I occasionally give her a hand. Good fun. Experiment with cooking new things in the kitchen. This could be the beginning of a new Master Chef creation. Sewing? Knitting? Macrame? Origami?  Maybe you're into building things. Woodwork, metal work, rummage through the garage and see what you can find and let your imagination run wild. Unleash that inner creative genius that has been waiting for this time to burst out! Woohoo! 

Tip 3

Get outside into the garden. I have a fairy garden where I have broken pots and added small cacti and other plants along with fairy ornaments and little bridges and fences. I love adding to it. My own little lalaland :) Rearrange the yard and build a garden bed or compost heap. Tidy things up. Make a chicken run or a vegetable patch. Theres always lots to do in the garden. If you're not sure where to start, do a google search to get your started. If you only have a balcony, think of potted plants ect. It's so beautiful outside in nature. Kick off those shoes and socks and ground your feet into the earth. Connect with the energy of our gorgeous planet through the souls/soles of your feet. Make the most of it.

Tip 4

Crystals help to raise your vibrational frequency and this is so important at a time like this. If you have crystals at home it's time to dust them off and use them as the healing tools that they are. Place crystals on your body as you lie down to relax. Hold them in your hands or carry them in your pocket as you go about your day.  I like to take 5 or 6 crystals outside, sit on the grass and hold one at a time. I feel it's energy and sit in peace with each one. Crystals can give off energies that help you to feel calm or creative, excited or playful, grounded or elated.  Connect with your crystals and see if you can truly "feel" their energy.  How does each one make you feel? 

Tip 5

Spend time in meditation. I'm sure you've heard the amazing benefits of meditations before. If not, just google search it.  Now maybe you're a deep meditator and have this down to a fine art. However, you might have a wandering mind and think to yourself "but meditation just doesn't work for me".  Well, I have some free meditations that you are welcome to listen to. I talk all the way through it so it will give your mind something to focus on so it doesn't get bored (hopefully lol) Click here for the meditations.  Another way to meditate is to simply sit outside, no devices or disruptions, and really take notice of the trees as they sway in the breeze. Feel the warmth of the sun or the coolness of the weather on your skin. Be aware of the chair or the ground that you're sitting on. What sounds do you hear? What smells do you smell? Are there birds or other animals that you can see? What are the clouds doing? In other words, become very present in your "right here right now". No thoughts of future or past or  worry. Just being very Here. Now. Focus on simplicity in the moment x

Tip 6

Give yourself some beautiful energy healing. We're all made of energy. No exceptions. So of course we can connect to the energy field of Source. It's what we are. If you're not sure of how to do this, then click here and subscribe and you'll get all the details. Too easy. But if you really want to get deep into energy healing for yourself and for your loved ones, then check out the online course. Either way, have fun with the energy that you  absolutely are x

Tip 7

You knew this was coming . . . 

... Wash Your Hands !      ;) 

 - With Love, Kelly xo

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