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You Can Heal Yourself Expo
Toowoomba,17th March 2018

This talk includes a process to shift your energy and one word to stop negative thoughts in their tracks

[37 minutes]


00.00 Opening - How energy healing is a huge part of personal development and spiritual growth  
03.30 The importance of taking holidays and making a point of going away
04.50 Alcoholism, smoking, depression ... and I lost my job
07.22 Programmed thought patterns from parents, teachers etc
8.48 What do you want ? Use your thoughts for this "goal process"
12.05 Stopping negative thought spirals that interrupt with the goal process
15.18 Life Event Solutions refers to pamphlets the audience was given. These are now online courses that can be found below.
15.58 What energy is contained in each chakra, and how they are being affected by your thoughts
22.18 How to manifest guinea pigs... [we took a detour here] hehehe ;-)
23.51 Back to the chakras and the pamphlet. Positive communication skills...
28.57 About the chakra clearing process...
29.55 Q&A
30.58 Feeling heart palpitations while giving energy healing to someone [another detour] 
33.19 Horrible people in your life - and how you can change that
33.44 Q&A
37.06 End of recording


With Love,
Kelly Flack xo

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