The Haunted Horse Arena

Our youngest loves horses. As part of our homeschooling adventure, I booked her into weekly horse riding classes not far from us. 

Every week she would ride a horse in this particular arena. She absolutely loved it and learned so many things. Different horses every now and then gave her different experiences.

As we got to know the lady that ran the horse riding school, she asked me if I would give Reiki to one of her horses one day.

Now, I'm not a big fan of horses. If you've ever met me in person, I'm only a short arse.Such huge animals freak me out sometimes. But hey, it's Reiki so of course I said yes.

My Guides calmed me and I approached this majestic animal (see picture)


My daughter had taught me that people had to be calm around horses or else they would sense it. Breathe Kel . . . I was calm . . .

I placed my hands on the horses long nose and tuned into it's energy field. I immediately picked up some heavy anxiety that this horse was having. I continued with Reiki down it's body and gave it healing where it was needed.

When done, I let the lady know what I picked up about the anxiety. She said "Let me show you something. Follow me"

She placed herself in between me and the horse and we all walked into the arena that our daughter rides in. It was empty at the time. The lady walked the horse to the far right corner of the arena and the horse suddenly reared up on it's hind legs. 

Holy Moly! I have never felt shorter than right there, right then! 

Anyway, she took the horse back a bit from the corner and I was watching it, the horse didn't feel the need to stand on it's hind legs again (thank god) but it was very much still on high alert. 

I asked the lady to just stand there with the horse while I tuned into the energy of the corner of this arena.

With Reiki Eyes on, I sensed (saw in my minds eye) an energy that hovered up and down the fence line in this corner. It looked like a black hoody, no face or hands or body. Just the black hoody quickly floating around the other side of the fence in that corner.

I turned my attention to the horse and I saw that it too, was seeing this entity. 

I let the lady know that she could take the horse away and I'd just do a bit of work in the corner for now. She left with the horse so that I was now standing alone in the arena with this black hooded energy. 

It felt like a cheeky energy. It didn't like that I saw it and it began to move around that corner faster and faster, back and forth, back and forth. 

My Guides (Spirit Team) guided me to symbol the corner and leave it at that. So I did. I gestured the 2nd Degree Protection Symbols of ChoKuRei followed by SeiHeiKi and sealed in with ChokuRei again. The hoody felt pissed off with me. I just sent it love and it moved slowly back and forth along the fence line in that corner again.





I explained to the lady what I had seen and what I had done. I asked if she could keep the horse out of that arena for 3 or 4 days and then try again. I said I'd check in again when we came to next weeks horse riding lesson. 

The week passed and when we got there, the lady had the horse ready and said "You have got to see this"

She walked the horse into that arena, up to that corner . . . . Nada. Zip. No reaction. The horse was absolutely fine. The black hoody was gone. Fantastic! 

That was an interesting one. To this day, I have no idea why the black hoody was taunting that one horse. Was the arena haunted by something that had a relationship with the horse in some past life way? Who knows. None of the other horses were affected by it. Just amazing! 



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