Lu - The Most Awesome Cockatiel We've Ever Met 

Lu was my daughters cockatiel and she was absolutely gorgeous. She lived in the aviary with all the other birds. One day the girls asked if they could each bring a bird inside the house.

Pictured: Joey (left) and Lu (right)

I said "yes that's fine, but after a couple of hours the birds will have to go back to the aviary." (When you home school, you take whatever experience you can to help with learning and growth) The girls agreed and they each picked their favourite birds - Joey and Lu.

They brought the birds in and they'd fly around the house and freak out at first because they were aviary birds and the human house was strange to them. 


The girls worked with them and calmed them down and trained them over time to sit on their head and shoulders. It was awesome! 

This went on for quite a while. They got cages as well so the birds could have a sleepover in the house for a night. The birds grew to love it as they got special treats when they watched tv with us. In winter they had the nice warm house as they sat by the fire. In summer they had the air-conditioning . . . I know right . . . but they'd always go back out to their family in the aviary, which was good because whenever we went on holidays, they were fine, too easy.

Anyway, one day Joey and Lu were in the house . . . Lu flew into a room, the door shouldn't have been open. The room had a ceiling fan going. Lu hit the fan.

I remember, I was in the lounge with my husband. Both our daughters and their friend came out. Our youngest was holding Lu in her hands and she said "Mum mum mum, Lu hit the fan and she fell". There was blood coming out of Lu's beak and her neck.

So I got up straight away. Hands on straight away. Picked up the bird from my daughters hands and began Reiki. She was still alive, she was flopping around and she was in so much pain and was  so confused. I could feel it. She was so confused. 

I knew she had to go (leave her body) as something was broken in her neck area. I had my hands on her but her spirit/energy was all over the place as if to say "What happened, what happened" like she was freaking out. 

So I had to just calm her, calm her with healing energy. And you know, when someone's really freaking out, you've got to get their attention somehow. This is what it was like for me, trying to get Lu's attention. That was the first time I had experienced getting someone's attention while they were in such a state of heightened confusion. 

In my mind, I spoke with her spirit. "Lu, Lu, Lu, Lu, you've had an accident. You've been hit. Look at your body Lu. Look at your body."

I was trying to get her to focus on what was happening right here, right now. And she did and as soon as she did, and she understood what was taking place, her body stopped breathing. But her spirit/energy was still shaken.

The kids were looking at the bird and they knew she had died, but I told them that I hadn't finished with her because her spirit was still attached to  the body and still freaking out. So I had to just calm Lu's energy. To let her know that she could leave her body now. 

It took a few minutes - and a few minutes in a situation like that can feel like forever. But she did. She finally did calm. Her spirit looked at me as she realised   . . .  "That's it. Okay that's it. I know where I am now. I'm not in my body now. I'm here now"

She was okay after that. It was just that initial stunned confusion by the fan and not understanding what was happening . . . .  far out! 

If you ever go through something like this, just be careful and calm yourself as well, you've got to remain calm. After anything like that happens and you've help an animal, or even a person to make their transition . . . ground yourself. Have a talk with your Spirit Team. Debrief. Get some backup. Get some confirmation. Everything's fine. Everything happens for a reason.  Remember that xo 







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