Reiki For Wild Lorikeet


Bang! The sound made us jump. We intuitively knew that a bird had flown into the bedroom window.

We ran outside and we saw it laying on the ground outside the window. My daughter picked up the stunned bird as its little feet clenched around a small stick and some dirt from where it had landed.

The lorikeet couldn't stand up properly and its head was looking downward. You can see this in the photos above.  I didn't want it to move too much so I asked my daughter to continue holding the bird while I gave it some hands-off reiki energy healing.

I immediately turned my hands on and connected with the energy of the bird. I let its little body know that it could take whatever healing energy it needed for its highest will and good.

The bird was still and its head continued to look downward as my hands hovered above it. It never tried to get away or anything.

I suddenly got a pain in the back of my neck and shoulder blades. This was not my pain. It was coming from the bird. 

I asked my spirit team if the bird had broken anything? The answer was a very clear "No".

I was then guided to have the bird placed gently on the outdoor table where it could recover. My daughter gently put the bird onto the table. It still grasped the little stick in its claws. I gave a bit more reiki as it sat on the table and I could feel the bird soaking in the healing energies. It's body began to relax. The little stick became loose in its claws as the lorikeets body began to let go of the pain and the confusion. 

The bird sat on the table for a few minutes and then lifted its head,  had a stretch, took a few steps, looked around at its surroundings and then off it went. Flew away safely. 







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