Money and Lower Back Pain Are Connected . . .

Lets talk about money and the root chakra. Because money is a big one for a lot of people.

If you're having negative thoughts around money such as . . .

"I can't afford that"
"Those people will never be able to afford those things"
"Holiday? Haven't had one of those for years. Can't afford it. Got no money. Gotta keep working. Life is hard. Times are tough...."

All of these negative thoughts around money is that exact thing that is keeping money away from your life experience.

In order to attract money or to allow money to flow into your life, you have to give it some kind of respect. Stop pushing money away with negative thoughts about it.

Imagine if money was a person. Would it want to hang around with you if you kept on pushing it away? Something to think about right!

Money is simply another form of energy.

I know there are a lot of people out there that say 

"Money is bad"
"Only rich people have money"
"Rich people are greedy"
"Spiritual people shouldn't have money"

These are thought energies that are flying around and thoughts are a vibrational energy which either allows more of something into your life or pushes it away from your life.

Another thing around negative thoughts and money is, it's not only affecting what you have or don't have from an abundance of a "lack of" perspective, but it's also putting blocked or imbalanced energy into your root chakra.

Your root chakra lives at the base of your spine. If you've got blocked or imbalanced energy at the root chakra, then you could be experiencing some kind of pain anywhere from the hips down to the tips of your toes. 

It is all connected and it all starts with the way you think about money.

But money's not the only thing that can affect the root chakra. We can talk about your living arrangements, the place that you're living in at the moment. And also the job or career that you're doing or that you don't have.

So those are the 3 main things that can impact on the root chakra, and also our physical experience.

If you want things to change out there when it comes to money, your job or your living situation, you really need to start with your mind.

Until next time,  take care of you, stay safe and remember . . .

It's all good

xox ~ Kelly






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