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The Complete Chakra Menu

  • Understand how these energy centres can affect your relationships, finances and health
  • Get an idea of what you could expect in your external world when your Chakra is flowing/spinning freely
  • Discover how you could be causing your Chakras to be imbalanced
  • See what you could expect in your external reality when a Chakra is blocked
  • Learn about some internal physical symptoms that you could be experiencing due to a blocked Chakra


Chakras and Colour

Discover how you can use colour to support each one of your 7 main chakras 


Chakra Workshops

This is an introductory course on chakras for the beginner who is interested in understanding their chakra energy to being able to clear and balance chakras for themselves and for other people.


Chakra Awareness Process

Become aware of some internal physical symptoms and some external life reality symptoms that you could be experiencing due to your chakra energy being blocked or imbalanced


Have you Just Had Your Chakras Checked by Kelly?

If so, this is the place to go to discover what each one of your chakra results means and be able to take your time as you dive a little deeper into understanding your own energy. Simply click the button below to begin 



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