Raising Room Energy With Crystals

Crystals can be used for so many different things from attracting love and abundance to keeping negative energy away or lifting the vibration of an entire room.

I learned about labradorite the hard way - as explained in the video.

Thanks to that experience, I now understand the importance of getting to know your crystals before wearing them or working with them. 

The Crystal Workshops that I run, get people actually "bonding" with their crystals. One easy way to do this is to feel into the energy of the crystal by holding it, looking into it and getting to know it on a more personal level. After all, everything is energy, yes? Of course :) 

Funny thing, to this very day I have never been able to work with black obsidian. I don't know why. I just don't resonate with it. I've picked some up before at expos and held them but nope, nada, nothing. Just not my cuppa tea at the moment I suppose.  Do you get that too with certain crystals? Totally natural :) 

I have my Crystal Team that work with me as they give healings when we do Reiki and Crystal Healing Sessions. I also use 4 labradorite crystals as part of my Crystal Team and just like  in the video, instead of raising the energy of a room, I often use labradorite to raise the energy of the massage table when giving treatments. I simply place one crystal in each corner of the table. 

Beautiful crystal energies. They are little beings in their own right. Work with them, become a team, and see what magic unfolds. 

If you have found this useful or helpful, please feel free to share the love. Have fun with it :) 

Because you absolutely can!


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