From Relationships to Money. What Are You Doing About It?

Hey guys, how would you like to be able to get your thoughts on track to create things that you want to experience in your life? I mean, all too often we've been down the road of . . .

"Oh my god, my relationships suck" . . .

And we wonder why we have crap relationships. It's our thoughts that are attracting not-so-good relationships into our life. What about this one . . .

"It's winter. I'm gonna get sick. I always get the flu in winter"

Those are other forms of thoughts about why you DO get the flu in winter. It's because you have a belief that you will. You can change all of these patterns. Here's another one . . .

"You want me to get out there and talk to those people? I can't do that. I'm too shy"

Lack of confidence. That's another one that we all get stuck in and it all happens in our mind. We're playing these things out not even giving ourselves half a chance sometimes.

What's another one . . . 

"Oh I'll never be able to afford that. Nah"

Money. You're pushing money away with thoughts like that. Thoughts are a vibrational energy or a vibrational frequency. If you're wanting amazing relationships in your life, you have to get on that same frequency as the amazing relationship. If you're gonna play in poor thoughts or not very high thoughts around relationships, these are the kinds of relationships you will keep on attracting into your life. 

To get a higher energy or a happier relationship, you need to get on a different level, a different frequency, and we change all these by the way of our thinking patterns.  The same thing goes for your health, your confidence, your money, and anything else you can think of in your life right now.

But I'm talking about what's going on in your physical body as well as what's going on in your external reality. The type of place that you are living in. The type of car that you are driving. The holidays that you have or don't have. Everything - absolutely everything is affected by your thoughts.

And oh man, I tell ya, it's been a ride and a half, it really has. Over the last 10 years or so I've been playing with my thoughts when I started to understand this.

I've come out of the pit of depression where I lived for many many years. I was on antidepressants - zoloft, avan . . . something. I can't even remember it. . . but I got off them simply by being able to change the way that I was thinking. So I literally got myself up out of "the pit".

Life just gets more and more exciting because now I realise, it's all me. It's ALL me. 





Just as YOUR life is completely All YOU. . .

I know  (giggles)

It's a BIG deal!

So come along to the workshop. It goes over 2 days. The first day we cover all the thoughts. The second day we get into energy healing to heal our body, to heal our chakras (the energy centres in our body) from all the past thoughts.

When we get on a positive thinking pattern, our energy should be flowing efficiently. But until we can get to that stage, energy healing comes in really really nicely.

You can apply this energy healing to yourself and to other people as well. You can give yourself a full body chakra balance and I take you through the entire process, but you'll also do that o another person. You'll learn about energy healing for pets, animals, the planet, we cover distance healing as well.

We get into a whole lot of amazing things. Working with crystals, using a pendulum, checking chakra energy to see if it's flowing efficiently or if there's an imbalance or a block in there. Understanding how that block or imbalance came to be and how to fix it, how to change it.

It is a massive 2 day workshop and these 2 days will have you covered for the thoughts that you are thinking, the energy that you are emitting and ultimately, the life that you are living.

Check out the buttons below for the live workshops and also for the online course versions as well. 

Until next time,  take care of you, stay safe and remember . . .

It's all good

xox ~ Kelly



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