Busy Mind

With my hands over the third eye chakra, sometimes I'm shown a very  busy grand central station.

There's way too much happening. So many thoughts all crammed into one mind, one station. The thoughts are going everywhere as my client jumps from one thought to the next thought to the next thought with no real quality focus. 


So many thoughts like this can cause blocked or imbalanced energy in the third eye chakra. A racing mind can bring about a scattered energy because the person is spreading themselves thin  as they give bursts of energy to too many thoughts. Thoughts of the past, fear or worries of the future, the million and one things that have to be done today etc

This could cause headaches, bad dreams, restless sleep patterns and tiredness because lets face it, they're dishing out thought energy left right and centre and not having much time for the present moment. The Now is where our true power lies. Always has been.

Thoughts are energetic in vibration and mind chatter can lead us in so many different directions. 

Another thing I am often shown is what the person is thinking. 

Sometimes these can be angry thoughts, "poor-me" thoughts, excitement thoughts, the list goes on. I invite you to become more aware of your thoughts by downloading and listening to Thought Awareness, Allowing and Letting Go. Use the code:  THOUGHT  and download this 30 minute guided meditation mp3 for free. In-joy! xo Kelly








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